Buses, Planes, Automobiles

My plane took off bright and early Tuesday morning from Panama City and landed in upstate New York at five o’clock in the afternoon. I have returned for a visit to my old stomping grounds for a few months. To get there, it took a half hour car ride to the bus terminal, an overnight bus, a  thirty minute taxi ride to the airport, five and a half hours on planes, and another hour and fifteen minute car ride to the house. Took me two days to recover. I loved traveling (except the long bus ride), but the aftereffects do me in for awhile, it seems.

I have been very ready to see my kids and the rural countryside of Upstate NY, but of course, will miss my friends, the kindly locals, and the views of the mountains and Volcan Baru here in Boquete, Panama. Five months is a long time to be back in NY, and remaining conscious at all times is necessary so that I don’t slowly sink into the old me that used to live here without noticing. Old Me was not a happy camper and I don’t want to pick her mantle back up again. Both of the times I have returned for a visit to NY, after after my first departure two years ago, lasted for only two months each, and that was a stretch of my abilities to remain centered. Needless to say, I have had mixed feelings about the visit. I have felt so much lighter living in Boquete that this will definitely be a test of my growth and skills as I navigate the denser, more negative energies that permeate my old hometown area for a longer period of time.  

The final two weeks in Boquete required me to put a sustained effort into packing, cleaning and moving, making sure my rental was perfect so I could get my full deposit returned (which I did). Turns out I acquired a lot more stuff here than I knew I had, making it necessary to find a place to store everything before I left. So our (my and my first roommate’s) stuff is divided between two houses with two different, kindhearted friends. (And now I am reminded of George Carlin’s piece “A Place for My Stuff!”  😀 ) Thank heaven for friends! I will decide when I return what I will do with all of it, be it use it again while I rent on my own, find another roommate to share a place with or stay with the friend who has offered to have me as a roommate. I do love her place, she has two dogs I get to love on, and her house is much nicer than my rental. However, I am not jumping ahead of myself to make decisions, September is a long ways away yet.

My first few days in NY have been a time of readjusting, unpacking, getting hugs from my kids and grandkids, and having my cats plaster themselves to my lap.  And yes, NY has greeted me with snow. And cold. What a change from Panama!! I am super warmly dressed at this point. But I’m really happy to be spending time with the family. Most of it anyways, I already had an old family member declare her victim status regarding me. I wasn’t triggered though, so yay me!

I’ll keep you all posted how this goes. Now it’s time to go put on my Cuddle Duds, brrrr.



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