Choose The Way That Calls You: The Pleiadian High Council of Seven

“By now you are wondering who or what exactly you are connecting to. We are not the lovely spheres that you have connected with before. We are a Pleiadian High Council of Seven, not the seven dwarves, The Seven Pleiadians. That’s right. We know your fairy tales, your literature. We know much about you, as we have been following you from a distance, not wanting to interfere.

But now here we are, and we are ready to tell you what you need to know to move forward in your evolution. This evolution of yours has our fingerprints all over it. And so, we have been attempting to take a more hands-off approach. And we have done a very good job of abstaining from interference, and now we are ready to offer assistance. We are ready to guide, rather than to pull the strings.

The first piece of guidance that we would like to offer all of you is that there is no right way and no wrong way to go about living your lives and no right way and no wrong way to go about your spiritual evolution. If you find yourself looking for a map, looking for a way, you are simply letting go of the free will that you have to experience this ride in whatever way that you choose.

So you don’t have to listen to anyone else’s teachings, including ours. You are free to be who you are. You are free to explore who you want to be and to ultimately decide. We know that you will make the right choice. We know that you will choose Love. We know that you will choose community, service, acts of kindness, and once again, you will choose freedom, freedom of expression. You will allow others freedoms as well.

This is what we know you will choose, so we are not going to tell you to choose those things. We are not going to tell you what to do. Instead, we are going to eternally guide you towards your own intuition, towards your own inner knowing. What we know that some of you would like is a formula for success. Take this many drops of to turmeric tincture. Daniel was having a hard time getting that word. Or, repeat these yoga poses several times a day, do this particular form of breathwork, and that is all you need to do.

That’s what humans like. You like your formulas for success. You buy those books – The habits of highly effective spiritual people. We want you to know that you are spiritual people no matter what. You cannot help but be spiritual people, but you can choose how you explore that spirituality that you are. You can be in love with your lives, or you can be in fear of what someone out there is going to do to you next.

That is a choice that you are making. So our next piece of advice is to be aware of the choices you are making, and ask yourselves, ‘Do I want to continue to make these choices? Do I want to continue to be on this particular path, or would I like to be on that particular path over there, not because it’s the right path, but because it seems like it’s more fun or more interesting, or there are more opportunities for expression and expansion.’

That is what we recommend that you do. Give up on trying to make anything happen the hard way and choose the easy way. Choose the way that calls you. Choose your lives. They are yours to live, and if you are going to be the one experiencing your lives, you might as well be the ones choosing what you experience and how.

We are going to give you one last piece of advice here. Stay heart-centered. It becomes so enticing for all of you to go into your heads and to figure all of this out. But your hearts are calling you. Your hearts are filled with wisdom, filled with Love. And you will only be fulfilled when you allow your hearts to be heard, to be the guides that they are for you.

We are The Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are very fond of all of you. That is all.”


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