Message from Manta Ray

Interesting and fascinating message and something I had never even considered before, taken from Anne Gordon de Barrigón’s latest newsletter:
On Friday morning I had a beautiful dream of a mother Manta ray who came to me and swam with me and showed me how to hold “hands” with her by extending the tip of her wing and asking me to hold it in my hand.  It was a perfect fit!  We swam together and then she asked me to take care of her daughter for her and take her to a magical place in the ocean.  
I woke up with the most wonderful feeling of joy and contentment.  When I got on my computer later that morning, I found a message from a dear friend with a link to a video of… Manta rays! (See video below) When there is synchronicity happening like this you must pay attention, so I did a meditation and invited the Manta ray in to share with me and below is what I received:
 –  ” We come from the same realm as the dragons.  We want to take you to our magical kingdom where we and the dragons live .”


–   “We keep the energetic gridlines of the ocean’s surface healthy.  There are not enough of us to fight all the surface pollution.  Before, nothing could enter the ocean that was harmful, but since our numbers have dwindled, much more pollution has entered the sea.  90% of man’s toxins enter the ocean from the surface.  We need your help.  
     “When you send healing energy to the oceans it is great.  We ask you now to send healing energy to the ocean surface gridlines.  Help us to make the surface of the sea impenetrable to anything that is harmful to the sea and the life within it.”

Interesting Image


– “We know we are mysterious to you.  We are protectors of the sea.  Not only to the ocean’s gridlines, but also we can hover over other creatures and shield them from negative energies.  We can do this physically as well as etherically.  If you feel you are under psychic attack or others are sending you negative or harmful thoughts and energies, ask us to come in and shield you from them all.  We will gladly help and only allow in what is for your highest good.  We will transmute the negative energies and transform them into positive nutrients to benefit all who inhabit the earth and its oceans.”
Whale Blessings,Anne


Anne Gordon de Barrigón


CoAuthor of the Bestselling book  Dolphins & Whales Forever

Author of the forthcoming book Listening with your Heart


Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreats

Dolphin Energy Healing

Whale Watching Panama 

The Original Whale Watching Company in Panama


2 responses

  1. thank you for your sharing ❤ i recently had a vision of a manta dragon carrying a glowing sacred geometry upon her back flying through the cosmic sea. she told me she carries Quan Yin and imparted to me that Quan Yin is the Ascended Goddess Aspect of ourSelves. The Manta Dragon informed me that I am she and she is me, and to connect with that truth and with the I AM there anytime i feel the need or guidance to do so. Such a gift as the polar unification can be tough to witness so the Manta Dragon provides an amazing vantage point to do the Great Work without getting brought down ❤ so this lead me to search Manta Dragons and i found your page 😉 Infinite love and light! <


    • This is wonderful, thank you for your response. I love when life works like that. Synchronicity, confirmation, guidance. Very cool.
      Anne would love to hear this experience of yours, I’m sure!


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