Noticing Your Evolution ∞Quan Yin

“It is I, Quan Yin.

Before you create an experience for yourself, you often take steps to ensure that the experience will generate the appropriate response. You are giving yourselves the opportunity to respond differently to the same scenarios that you have created over and over in this lifetime and in many others.

So when you have the same experience that you have had before, and you wonder why you keep creating the same experience for yourself, recognize the opportunity that is before you. It is an opportunity to notice how you have evolved. And once you recognize that opportunity to respond differently, I suggest that you take it.

Notice that you can respond from a calm and knowing place, even though the circumstance before you may be one that could elicit intense emotions. You are demonstrating to yourselves through all of these opportunities just how powerful you are.

You are more than just your experiences, so it does not really matter what experiences you have created, and I suggest you let go of measuring yourself by your creations. Instead, begin to notice your strength, your resiliency, and all the wisdom that you have gained throughout the years, and then apply all of that to handling the situation that is before you.

You are capable of creating joyous experiences as well, and you often do. But it is your ability to handle the not-so-joyous experiences that adds to the Being that you are. You are in a constant state of evolution and growth, and you are becoming more of who you are with every single experience that you have.

I am Quan Yin, and I hold you in my heart.”

Daniel Scranton


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