Moving On


I have one week left in this sweet rental that I have used for my home base for the last year and a half. I know where I’m going to be for the short term after I leave, but there is no certainty in anything after the summer, if there is any at all, that is.

It was a challenge to come to the peaceful emotional acceptance of leaving this place, a place of healing, growth, and refuge for me. I’m not going to lie, it took me several months. I resisted it hard for quite awhile. Change is not easy sometimes, and the uncertainty of my life is like a vaseline-coated window, I cannot see clearly through it to what’s next. But I know I’m alright and doing well and whatever is out there is all good for me, just like past changes have been.

One step at a time is what keeps me going. That’s all I can do. Stay in the present moment and live each moment as it comes.

The step I’m on right now is about getting ready to move out. My roommate and I have already been cleaning and doing some light packing this month. Now we have to ramp up our efforts for the rest of the week so we can be out of here by next Saturday, with the house being sparkly clean and back in the same order it was so I don’t get charged for anything extra afterwards. I prefer to have my full deposit returned! We have washed curtains and light fixtures, scrubbed out cupboards, and sorted out our things from the owner’s furnishings. I cleaned out the empty bedroom and packed up my first roommate’s things that she had left  here (she plans to return). Floors and heavy duty packing have to wait until the last couple of days. And somehow I find I have managed to accumulate more “stuff” to move than I really know what to do with! I came here with my possessions extremely pared down, now I have to do a purge again, deciding what to keep here in storage, what to take back to the States, and what do I give away? The good thing is, I have made some great friends here who will store things for me until I return in the Fall.

I have really enjoyed this house, but it’s time to move on. It’s time for more changes. And I am ready. Bring it on. 


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  1. It certainly is a lovely little house. I am sure it reduces your anxiety to know it will be there for you when you return…and also that you have someplace secure to be in NY in the meantime–that a place to go to in the States is not a concern.

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