I See the Truth of Me

To go along with the Quan Yin message I posted earlier today, here is an excerpt from chapter three, The Journey of Consciousness, A Warrior’s Tale, channeled by Veronica Torres:

When the dark places are illuminated, look and see what you find. Do not hide and turn from it. Do not say, “Oh, this is something I should be ashamed of, this is something that I cannot face, this is unbearable.” At a minimum, say yes to the unbearability of it all. “This is an unbearable place within me and I will say yes to the fact that I’m admitting it’s unbearable.” Instead of just sneaking around with your eyes covered, as though somehow the moon will not shine on someone whose eyes are covered, the rest of you is still bathed in moonlight even if you bind your eyes. This is a good analogy for the idea that you are surrounded by illumination even if you refuse to look at it.

The only requirement is that you take away your hand from your eyes, that you open your eyes and you say, “I see the truth of me. I see the truth of me!” This is you standing on the field of battle. Afraid or not. But showing up and standing in the truth of you. Not projecting what’s going to happen next. Not wondering how you’ve been before. Simply, amazingly, and authentically standing in the truth of you. Standing in the truth of you in the moment and then walking it forward through your energetic emanation, through your physical deeds, through your thoughts, and through your emotions.

The truth of you is here. It only needs you to look at it and acknowledge it. You’re hiding from the authentic experience of illumination.

Just like the beauty of the moon shining, you will be a beacon of the truth. The moon doesn’t have to know where its truth lands and you will not need to know where the truth of you lands, either. You simply need to stand with your eyes open, with your willingness to participate in the integrity of you at the forefront.



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