“The definition of abundance is that your needs are taken care of every moment that you need them.”  Kryon


With my newfound relaxation into the knowing that I am always being supported, I have experienced the truth of Kryon’s statement over and over again this past year. Money has come to me in unexpected ways when I most needed it, roommates have appeared at the last moment, people have paid me when I didn’t expect to be paid for what I had done for them, and when I did suggest payment, often they paid me more than what I had originally requested. I have had gifts of time and meals and rides to town given to me many times over. Kindness after kindness has come my way since I opened the door to abundance.

All this has appeared for me because I finally understand that a.) I am worthy of kindness, generosity, gifts, and being paid what I’m worth b.) I am open to receiving said abundance and c.) the universe is set up with unlimited energy available with which to create solutions for everybody, including me.  

For many years, I did not feel as though I deserved anything more than the minimum of anything sent my way. I pretty much turned away most offers of help. If I accepted gifts or compliments, they were ungraciously accepted or accepted with great embarrassment because I didn’t believe I deserved the attention, and I didn’t want other people to think I thought I was better than anyone else.

That feeling of unworthiness was also part of the reason I didn’t like to buy new stuff or pay full price, thus limiting my choices aka abundance. I distinctly remember when I went out in 2002 and finally bought a new-to-me car. It was the nicest car I had ever owned, one year old, less than 20,000 miles, and I loved the luxury feel of it. It had all the bells and whistles I had always wanted but had never had in my previous bare bones, older-than-dirt vehicles. I paid more than I had ever paid for a car in my life. Afterwards, I clearly remember saying to someone with great seriousness, “I don’t feel like I deserve this.” And they replied, of course you do! Enjoy it! To me, it always felt like someone else probably deserved/needed things more than I did. I had the door to any kind of personal abundance firmly closed, making it slim pickings for most of my adult life.

It’s been a long road to find and reactivate that worthy, knowing place in me so that I can allow abundance into my life, but I am happily holding that door wide open these days.

I exist. Therefore, I am worthy. I am always supported. Spirit has my back. Abundance is unlimited.

As Eloheim‘s channel likes to reminds herself, “I have no unmet needs.” Something always shows up for me when I need it and have surrendered the habitual desire for control with its own narrow criteria. The bonus to that is, the result is usually far better than I ever imagined. Appreciation and gratitude overflows.

And each time, I smile and nod with the knowing that, once again, abundance is showing up for me.


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