Catalysts and Movement

The Oneness Movement ∞ Channeling Quan Yin – Ascended Master

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“It is I, Quan Yin.

There is a conscious movement on planet Earth, and the movement is bringing you all closer together. This is happening in spite of what you are seeing in the news, in your current events, and in your political rallies and debates. This movement is taking place because of what you are seeing broadcast on your televisions and on your Internet.

Sometimes you need a catalyst to bring you all together, and I am not talking about bringing you all together in unity against those who would act as your catalysts. I am speaking about including all in this movement towards unity. The coming together of souls on planet Earth requires you to look at those who are playing the role of ‘the bad guy.’ You need them not only to act as the catalysts that they are, but you also need them to provide you with the reflection of something that is within you.

There is no need for you to rid yourselves of anyone or anything in order to achieve unity. The harmony that you seek in the outer world will first be achieved within each and every one of you. You will find that when the darkness gets stirred up within you and there is nowhere for you to run and hide from it, that is the moment when you have greatest access to inner peace and harmony.

Your willingness to be here now, to be triggered, to be poked and prodded at, to be activated, are all signs of your strength. The movement towards oneness cannot be stopped. It cannot even be slowed down. But it will be experienced, and you are deciding how smooth or rocky of a ride you give yourselves along this path. All paths lead to oneness, to unity consciousness, and to unconditional love.

I am Quan Yin, and I hold you in my heart.”

Daniel Scranton’s Channeling & Sound Healing

Daniel Scranton


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