February Energy Report 2016

There is a lot going on in February and if you had a tough time in January, I don’t think this month will be a repeat of that energy (which is a good thing). But while the flows may be more balanced than last month, this is a master number month, with an 11 vibration. And this is a leap year, so we have 29 days this February, an extra day of this master energy. This means we get a higher frequency energy to work with, more time to practice what we have learned so far, and everything is up for review, release, and renewal as we start the month in Mercury retro shadow. February’s focus on love will bring that energy to the forefront, with Valentine’s Day on the 14th,  fresh starts with the new moon and Chinese New Year on the 8th, Mercury leaves its shadow on the 15th, we’re preparing for the Jupiter/Saturn square in March, and there’s an extra day to process it all.

Just a note, the last time we had a leap year was in 2012. Does anyone remember what we were all thinking about in 2012? hint hint, it’s coming around again. Maybe this time we’ll feel like we get somewhere with the ascension process (we already have, just so you know). I think the reason we were so disappointed last time is we believed that ascension was going to happen ‘to’ us, instead of being a self directed process. So while we were all looking out for the aliens, space ships, angels, and the miraculous transfigurations, it was all happening behind our backs. Now we’re facing in the right direction and we can see the action as it happens because we are there.Courage-is-the-presence

Energy flows much like the ocean tide, it comes in gradually, advancing and retreating over a period of time. If you have ever been at the beach during high tide, you don’t notice that the water is getting closer to you until it gets your towel wet. Keep that in mind this month, and for most of this year, as each level of energy we achieve arises out of the work we did at the previous one. This month brings a lot of mastery energy forward, meaning that the energy allows us to achieve new levels of mastery if we are ready for that. If not, the energy will be there anyway should we decide to use it. Jupiter is in Virgo, beginning a new 12 year spiritual awakening and awareness cycle, and it is conjunct the Moon’s node this month, which gives it an exponentially higher frequency. This is spirituality on steroids, instant manifestation, spontaneous creation, and the force is with you. Use it wisely and use it well. We get what we intend and ask for and if we don’t intend and ask, we won’t be making the most of this very powerful energy.

If you have put off making changes for a while, this month they may be calling your name. You may just find the motivation, determination, and courage to make that choice. The word ‘courage’ comes from the French word ‘coeur’, which means heart. Courage is the presence of heart, not the absence of fear. And with a month whose focus is on love, it’s a good time to take a look at what your heart is asking for.  Not from its broken state, wanting to be healed, but from its desire for wholeness and congruence with joy, fulfillment, confidence, clarity, and peace. What does it take to create a peaceful heart within you? With healing we look for the missing pieces and try to fit them together to form a whole, filling in the holes or gaps our pain and fear have created. Then we must take that next step, with courage – from the heart – to embrace wholeness and then we can create harmony, which arises from congruence, where all of the parts fit together smoothly. And what better time to do it than in a month whose focus is on love?

Much of this month, and this year, will include a strong focus on soul wounds, trauma, pain, and our fears around them.  As we move out of 3D polarity and into 5D duality, we also move from healing to wholeness and into energetic congruence. This is the purpose of our purpose and it can happen organically when we surrender – which means to stop fighting, not to give up – to our own process.

What is raising its hand to leave the room because something else is standing at the door, waiting to enter your reality? Look towards the new horizon, not at the past you wish had happened differently.

The new moon on the 8th is also the Chinese New Year, and this year’s symbol is the Fire Monkey (every time I think of that I imagine a monkey shooting off firecrackers). Monkeys are clever, devious, and very intelligent so after the Wood Sheep year of 2015, this year may bring more action, I hope so. Did the sheep year show you where you follow instead of leading, where you give away your power, and where you do not set strong intentions? This new moon is significant too, as it involves all of the planets, including Chiron, the wounded healer. Do you think a few individual and collective wounds may be rising to the surface? Look for more secrets and the collective momentum to build for truth, transparency, and transformation in everything. The US CIA just released thousands of documents about the alien presence in the 1950s and 1960s. They just may own up to the full extent of that presence now.

This month extends the energy we had in January, moving us farther into 5D duality, which is becoming multi-dimensional. This is new territory for us, we are going ‘where no man has gone before’, literally, so don’t expect to know all of the answers because you may not. But this isn’t about question and answer because we’re leading the movement, ascension happens because of us and our desire to be in our highest vibration and frequency. 3D is unraveling to make room for higher dimensional living and being and that is what we planned for all along, it just took a little longer than we thought it would.

We can’t do anything wrong but we can miss the opportunities to prepare ourselves now for bigger changes coming this year. In the 2016 Predictions, which you can read here, I wrote that January through March sets the foundation for the year. We are now into the second month of this period. With the mastery vibration of February we have all the energy we need to continue with the momentum. Remember you’re an energy container, so keep that container open wide and the energy flowing.

Have a wonderful month.



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