New Beginnings

Eloheim and Veronica

January 1, 2016

At times of new beginnings, such as the first day or a new year, it’s vital to keep two things in mind.

One don’t project into the future and two, remember to enjoy yourself.

Now, we know that sometimes life is challenging and in those challenging moments, the temptation to think about another moment – perhaps an imaginary, less challenging future – is very strong. However, this really doesn’t offer you any support in dealing with the moment you are in. Thus, it’s not advised.

What is advised is addressing the challenge you feel from a new perspective. This requires you to acknowledge and set aside any tendency to act in habitual ways.

Remember you are starting something new. Don’t bring your old patterns with you. Take the extra step to begin fresh, as the current version of you.
Here’s where the “enjoy yourself” part comes in.

Habit makes it hard to enjoy yourself. Habit locks you into viewing the current situation from a less evolved, less skilled, less aware version of you. That version can’t offer the best of you to this new challenge and is unlikely to be of much support.

Think of it this way: If the 10 year old version of you were trying to do your college studies, it would likely be intimidating. This is very similar to what happens when you don’t set aside habit before taking on a new task. You are mis-matched energetically and everything feels harder.

If your current-self engages the challenge facing you, then you can bring all of yourself to the moment. The situation can then be seen more as an adventure rather than an unsurmountable problem.

Simply take a moment to say, “I know what I would normally do, feel, and think in this situation. What does the current version of me have to add?”


channeled by Veronica Torres

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