Conscious Creatorship


Do you listen with your attentive heart to the words that come out of your mouth? Not, who you say them to, or if you accidentally said them when you didn’t really mean them, but to the exact words and the energy they carry?  Are you careful when you phrase your sentences?  Do you really notice the thoughts that run through your head like a ticker tape parade?  And do they truly convey what you want them to convey?  Or do they just fall out of your head and onto your tongue before you’ve truly considered them?

<Raises hand>  My words did and still do, sometimes, create things I don’t enjoy.

Recently I’ve begun paying way more attention to the phrases I use, either out loud or in my head.  Even though I am walking a conscious path, and have been for many years, I surprise myself by how often I have to stop to rephrase my sentences now that I am taking note of the energetics of words.  Edit! Edit!  Words carry specific vibrations, and so sometimes, what I am saying or thinking is not what I prefer to create nor do I want to increase what is already created.  

For example, words like Hopefully or Maybe, and phrases like I want or I wish, sentences containing Not or No, and most especially, whatever comes after the words I AM…, these often need to be rethought and changed to reflect my preferred intentions, rather than the ones I’ve been putting out there unconsciously.  I have already severely reduced my usage of But, among other words, in the last few years – what comes after But usually excuses or tries to mitigate what comes before it, and I’m done making excuses to keep myself small. Now I’m tending to the vibrations I send out in other unconscious ways.

Within the new energetic field, things are happening very fast, so fast that I have become much more conscious of what I am creating for myself with my choice of words.  Things surprise me by showing up pretty quickly after I utter or think them.  And recent teachings have helped me become aware that putting thoughts into the air with my speaking voice creates even faster than thinking them.  All of this simply means there is a much shorter gap between request/statement and result.  We can’t just go around just throwing out words and thoughts carelessly anymore. The cushion of time from the thought or word to the creation grows ever smaller.  And the effects from them can be unpleasant.

So, instead of remarking on what I don’t want or don’t like, I am choosing positive statements that affirm what I do want and prefer in my life.  For me, words like I hope, Hopefully, and Maybe in a sentence denote a lack of trust or confidence in the creation.  It’s a wishy-washy type of statement with no real belief in the result, which pinpoints to a lack of trust, puts on the brakes and blocks the desired result.  I wish and I want project into the future, and I cantherefore, whatever comes after those words stays in the future.  Negatives like Not and No in sentences are ignored by the energy field.  Rather, you are given more of what you say you don’t want.  Since you are putting your attention on something, and especially if there is a lot of emotion and passion behind that something, it’s a request that is honored, completely ignoring the “not” part of the sentence.  The negative doesn’t exist in the energetics.  I don’t want something is really saying, I want something.  Finally, to utter I AM <anything> is a directive, to your body, your soul, to the universe to give you what you are asking for.  Say to yourself that you’re sick and tired of something, guaranteed you’re going to feel sick and tired, literally.  I have watched people I love tell me how pissed off they are and then they wonder why they always have bladder infections or urinary tract problems.  Oh, and ask me about my pain in the neck issues!  

So, I am placing considerable conscious attention on what I think and say.  And it’s amazing how well this is working.

For example, a few months ago I put into writing, and also stated out loud, what I wanted in a new roommate.  I got what I asked for in all respects.  That worked out really well for me.  I have also more than once stated what I currently want in a companion and friend so that I have company and someone with which to share travel and fun things.  And that would be: someone on a conscious path, someone to share adventures with, an animal lover, and someone financially solvent and healthy.  Well, someone like that showed up last week.  However, in my list of traits, I neglected to state that that particular person needs to be comfortably quiet now and then because the one who showed up in my world talked nonstop for three hours and made me long for some silence!  Umm, no.  Obviously, I left something out of my request.  I really enjoy quiet sometimes.  I am rewriting and refining that list!

Yesterday I started a sentence with hopefully, and as soon as I heard myself say the word, I stopped cold and rephrased it.  Hopefully just told me I didn’t dare to believe in what I was saying.  

When Not shows up in one of my sentences, a bell goes off in my head.  I will then find a different way to say what I’m talking about that uses a positive statement. Which reminds me of my parenting and daycare days.  I made it a point to guide the kids without pointing out the “negatives”.  Things like, Where do we get to yell? instead of saying, No yelling in the house!!  Or Please hold my hand so we stay together instead of Don’t run ahead!  Or Thank you for helping your friend instead of focusing on the times they didn’t.  Things like that.  It made all the difference in behaviors and attitudes when I spoke like that to the kids so why wouldn’t it affect my own life the same way?

self-esteemThis is called a conscious path for a reason.  It takes awareness to grow and evolve. I have been remiss in the past, especially with the words I used to talk about myself, words lacking in self-love, respect, and confidence.  I made a verbal commitment this past week to change those kinds of thoughts and words.  I am choosing to honor the path I walk with the use of positive, compassionate and loving words, not only for myself, but for all of life.  And when I forget, I re-choose. Because our words and thoughts are important.

I Am…a conscious creator.


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    • 🙂 How did I ever meet such a good friend as you, Sumr? Always generously supportive in whatever I do. And your comments always bring a smile when I read them.
      I do have to say though, the lesson are mine first and foremost……


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