Participate In Your Own Life


What are you doing right now?  Are you spending most of your time sitting and looking at your phone or computer?  The current way of your Earth-plane existence has set you up to be a passive observer of life.  Today, you are being invited to participate; get out into your world, look around, see what you can see and experience things first hand.  The marvelous brain you were gifted has the ability to store the sights, sounds, tastes and feelings of your involvement in a way that you can access any time you choose.  At the end of your time on Earth, what would you rather say? “Oh, I saw that once” or “That was one of the best moments I ever experienced”.  The choice has always been yours, my love!  Choose wisely. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

Had a discussion just like this earlier this week.  About an acquaintance who works all the time and has no time for a life outside of work, and he pretty much lives in fear of lack for the future.  My question in situations like this is always, Will you be on your deathbed saying,damn, I should have worked harder and longer hours so I could have earned more money!?  Or I wish I could answer all my emails and texts, and read all my fb messages, and check all my twitter and instagram accounts before I go!?  Maybe, Oh man, I wish I could play one more video game!

No way will that be important for any of us at that point and I don’t want to live as if it is now.  Though I do seem to be in the minority with that viewpoint in my old hometown, state, and maybe even most of the U.S., but not so much here in Panama, as of yet.

Not that I’m perfect in any way, not by any stretch of the imagination.  I do play on the computer, but given the opportunity, my choice is to spend time enjoying the physical company of family and friends who are near or exploring new places and experiencing new things.  Without a phone or a video game coming in between me and them.  Have you ever seen the movie Wall-e?  That was a disturbing concept when I saw it.  I hope we don’t ever get to that point.  Get out and play and enjoy your life.  Give your higher self, your soul, your personality, and your body a good time while you’re here!  Make it a life well-lived.


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