Transformation. It takes many forms and countless paths. But the start and end are the same, YOU and YOU.

Your experience of yourself is of primary importance to us. How you experience your evolution from Homo sapiens to Homo spiritus is unique, yet the evaluation of that is similar. How do you feel? What fills your thoughts? Do your behaviors stem from fear responses or consciousness about your experience? Is the now moment accessible to you for longer and longer periods? Is the survival instinct in charge?

Your answers to these questions and others like them are not to be compared to another’s responses. Your journey is unique! Your answers today are different from before and your answers tomorrow will be different again. Compare you to you. Decide where YOU wish to transform. Observing another’s journey can give you ideas of how you might like to proceed and may offer support in your commitment, but don’t allow their path to somehow be a judgment of yours.

You are here to offer something unique. You are not here to copy cat or matchy match! If you are busy trying to be like him or her, the world misses out on YOU.

Eloheim and Veronica 


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