Piercing The Veil

Below, Aluna Joy perfectly describes how I feel right now. There is such a strong longing in me, and I feel antsy and a bit crazy with it. It’s like I’m on the edge of something, but I have no idea what that may be, no matter how hard I look. Old me used to think I knew, current me is anchor-less and uncomfortable and often confused at all the options and possibilities. Leaving my old life disrupted all that I thought I would be doing and living, and now I feel adrift at sea. I am so ready to be done with all this past-clearing and stripping away and to step through that unknown door into something new and fulfilling…I can’t tell you how much nearly every word of Aluna Joy’s sharing hits home with me.

Piercing The Veil
An energy update – by Aluna Joy
Nov 3rd, 2015

Just when we thought we finally hit a ceiling of weirdness and intensity, it just took another step to more craziness. It feels like we are not being allowed to get comfortable with being uncomfortable before the next level descends on us. Just as we get a reprieve, and we get our feet grounded, the game plan sifts, and we anchorless once again. Yet, with everything that we experience, there is a greater purpose, and we want to pierce the veil regarding this purpose.

We are deep in the confusing throes of emptying the sacred chalice within us. This is a necessary process to clear and make room for the brilliant future that we have envisioned. We are letting go and detaching from all things that we will not be taking with us. Yes, there is still more dumping and clearing! This includes outdated or unnecessary ways of making a living (even in very successful metaphysical and healing areas), unhealthy relationships, and we even find ourselves moving from current geographical locations or at least wanting to.

This process has not been easy. We can feel depressed, want to quit everything, feel hopeless and feel like we are skirting the edge of our sanity. Most of the time there is no outer or personal reasons for these waves of paralyzing feelings. Even if we want to take responsibility for these feelings and emotions, their origin seems to elude even the best shamanic or psychic tracker. We are processing as ONE now. It is not personal anymore.

We are deep into a Matrix of uncountable probable outcomes. So, welcome to spherical manifesting … the next level in our evolution. There are so many possibilities that we can feel completely lost and overwhelmed. Some of these outcomes in the matrix are depressing and can even cause deep, ungrounded core fear, confusion, depression, anxiety and a pervasive feeling of hopelessness. Other outcomes in this matrix are what we (those reading this) have been planning for and expecting… blissful, balanced, nurturing, healthy and if you have been dreaming big… Simply miraculous, magical and astoundingly awesome! The big issue is this…. We are feeling ALL probable outcomes at once right now. No wonder we are so turned around and confused. We are now entering the center hub where we now get to put in our vote to what outcome we arrive in. But I also received the insight that the path ahead and our outcome will be a surprise and beyond anything that we have imagined to date.

The issue in the last few weeks and even the last few months (depending on your personal path and process) is that we have been cleaning out the deep dark corners of our spiritual closets. We dove so deep that many are finding it hard to meditate, feel their flow, their bliss, or even temporarily lose sight of the light and the dreams that we had set into place. We vacillate between depression (clearing) and temporary agitation (the action needed to lift ourselves out of depression). This process is causing many to question our purpose, and even our very existence, and our self-esteem can fall to an all-time low.

We are dying . It is simple as that. We must die. Die to the old ways and to our old selves. Again this is not a fun process. In fact, it really stinks, and I know I am not alone in desperately searching for the elusive exit door (How to find the door coming up below). But we all know the only way out is through, and we are going through this together as one.

This process is necessary so we can move into a new cycle with our old hardware (our human space suit). We literally fell into this new cycle in 2013 and slowly began integrating … although it didn’t feel like we were getting anything at all. At first it felt like an empty, frustrating void. By 2014-ish, we started hitting some major walls and resistances in our old flow, as it was disappearing. Now we are almost through 2015, and we have felt completely lost, unplugged have and lost sight of our self. This is because we began to enter a new flow that is driven by a very confusing spherical, manifestation matrix. The problem is that in this spherical manifestation matrix, we are feeling so many different ways to go in life that we can’t figure out what to have for breakfast or remember it later.

Hear this now…. You did not miss the boat. You will find the open door. You are not wasting your life right now even though you feel that you are. You have done nothing wrong. This isn’t karma. There is nothing left for you to do.

The universe is closing up shop in the old world. One exit door remains, but it is like searching for a needle in haystack. You will know when you find this door by the way you feel. It is going to feel like home. Your body will relax, and a feeling of safety will return. It will be a state of grace where you can feel yourself as you truly are. You have had these feeling before when you felt your light and remembered who you truly are. A week ago, I had such a glimpse. I could not hold onto it for long, but it was there. And this renews my hope and keeps me going. It is time that we pierce the veil! I will say it again…. It is time that we pierce the veil!

Some of you reading this might have already received a divine glimpse, like a quickening or vision of where we will land. These glimpses come from unexpected places. They have to. We are not creating from the same place anymore. You will catch them way out in “left field” in the outskirts of your consciousness. You might feel a glimpse while meditating, or just as you fall asleep or start to wake up. At first, it will come in tiny waves of a new form of grace that will catch your attention. These glimpses will come more often and become longer in duration. Keep asking for it and keep your peepers open. Watch for it. Wait for it. And while you wait, simply allow what is happening in each moment. I know… Right now is confusing and beyond challenging. But we know we will get through this, because constant change is the only thing constant in the universe.

Again …. You did not miss the boat. You will find the open door. You are not wasting your life right now even though you feel that you are. You have done nothing wrong. This isn’t karma. There is nothing left for you to do. Just breathe, and say to yourself I AM GOD.


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Piercing The Veil


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  1. Well stated in a reassuring way. But impatience is the b*t@h. I know I didn’t miss the boat but standing at the gangplank waiting for 2+ years just cannot continue much longer. I forbid it! Grr!

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