You Are Among Family

There are times when I feel mighty lonely here. I miss my kids, grandkids, friends, and yes, I especially miss my companion cats, a lot. I find myself wondering if I am still in the right place, a place that’s minus their beautiful presences shining in my daily life. Obviously my old life wasn’t enough for me anymore or I wouldn’t have gone exploring elsewhere, but something feels missing.

Then I go out and exchange smiles and greetings with a stranger or a neighbor or a child, or I have a conversation with someone in a taxi or a store and I feel filled with love and joy afterwards, even if the encounter was brief. I really enjoy those moments of connection, and those sparkly feelings stay with me for a long time.

I often feel like two people, one who wants to interact and socialize, while the other side is solitary and habitually alone, preferring quiet times at home. I haven’t really found my niche here yet, maybe because I’m still doing the necessary inner work, but, in my heart, I know I need both parts of me involved in life. I also know I am not alone, I just have to poke my head out of my den to make connections.

Check out this angel message via Ann Albers:

You are among family

Celebrate because you are here on the earth, among friends, among family! In truth, everyone is your family. You have millions of brothers, sisters, children, mothers, fathers, aunts, and uncles, cousins, just waiting to be discovered.

The person behind you in line might be a long lost loved one from another time or a soul you knew in the heavens.

The “stranger” you help is one of God’s children too, a perfect divinely created being there to help you grow and learn more about your light, as surely as you are helping them.

Dear ones you are never alone upon this planet earth! It is impossible. If you feel lonely, take a walk in a public place and smile at strangers. Sit in front of your internet and connect with souls of like mind in so many different places and website. We here in the heavens love the fact that you can connect with one another so easily and while we understand there are certainly misuses of your computers, so many more of you are using them to find one another, to share ideas, and to share possibilities, dreams, and visions.

Allow yourself to connect with one another, no matter how you feel compelled to do so, for it is in your connections with “seeming random strangers” that you find family! Perhaps you will find a friend for life or maybe a friend for a few seconds. In any case, in these instances God touches God, life touches life, and your heart finds joy in the meeting of a kindred spirit.

Smile at one another, dear ones. Start conversations. Connect with life and one another. Love… and your human family surrounds you at all times.


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