Integration Time

Just a quickie to let you know I am back from the retreat in Sonoma.  It was a wonderful experience and one I am still integrating.  I got home on Saturday morning after 24 hours of travel and very little sleep, and I literally collapsed in bed, exhausted and with a massive headache within half an hour.  For twelve hours.  Then I woke, ate, and slept six more hours.  Yesterday, I was really shaky; today I feel semi normal yet still very tired.  After talking to so many people on so many subjects and on so many levels during the retreat, I have clarified some things in myself and about my path.  I now know I need to make some changes again, but don’t have any specifics yet.  I just know a change needs to happen.

Life is definitely a long and winding road, isn’t it?  And no part of that trip is ever wasted.

I will write more about the retreat specifically in the next few days when I get my writing wits about me, but I will leave you with this from a past channeling session. The retreats and Eloheim teachings are always about our personal growth, and this quote is a favorite of mine from the Matriarch (a member of the Council Veronica channels, along with Eloheim) and explains why we are always pushing for more, why we’re never satisfied to just sit in our accomplishments once we’ve achieved a goal:

Matriarch – You are a part of a never-ending urge to grow. Souls have the curiosity of a cat, the resources of a billionaire, and the fearlessness of a two-year old who has just learned how to walk. [They] throw themselves with no hesitation into difficult situations. You are doing it.

Yes, we are.  Everyday.  Talk to you soon. 


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