Love The Greater Love

I’ve been rereading a lot of my old journal entries this past week and in the process, noticing how much I’ve changed over the last four or five years.  

While doing this, I became inspired to reread Dawn Baumann Brunke’s animal communication books that I bought and read several years ago.  I highly recommend these books if you want to read about life expressed from a different, often much larger, perspective of the nonhuman.  You will look at life entirely differently.  I have three of these books, and I’d forgotten how amazing they are, so full of great information and wisdom from the animals that share the earth with us humans.  They are not the “dumb animals” many unconscious humans believe them to be.  The first book I picked up to reread is called “Animal Voices”, and it’s like I’m reading it for the first time!  It’s also like I’ve always known this stuff and then forgot I did, again.  Dawn talks to and gets wisdom from every nonhuman being you can think of, from insects to polar bears to trees.  It’s amazing.

So, I thought I’d share some excerpts here because, wow.  All the chapters are so full of mind expanding concepts from different animals, it’s hard to choose a single paragraph or idea. Therefore, I’m going to pull out bits and pieces and put them in several posts.

I’ll start with some ideas and excerpts from the chapter on Whales and Dolphins since that is a topic I’ve been fascinated with lately.  Going on a dolphin/whale watch trip with Anne Gordon de Barrigon here in Panama is high on my list of desireable experiences.

Some of this is a synopsis, some are quotes:

Whales and dolphins’ specific purpose on this planet is to help us remember to reconnect to nature, to help us understand and feel how we are interconnected and intertwined to all of life.  There is no separation between us.  These beings live and love in the waters where all information from humanity and life on Earth is stored.  Water makes the rounds of the planet through snow, rain, evaporation, through lakes, rivers and oceans.  We drink, breathe and sweat water, and it retains information from the contact.  Water is basically Earth’s Akashic records, and the dolphins and whales’ role is be caretakers of that information.  Both species came in to assist humanity to remember, to wake us up to the larger aspects of interconnected life, to the idea that we are all One.  

The larger whales are the record keepers of life on this planet with a very deep and profound love for the Earth and all life forms.  Whales are not “single” energies, they house a group consciousness in their beings.  Their vibrations are very high.  When communicating, whales will send out information in whole packets, as in….boom, there it is, all you need to know about everything, given to you in one fell swoop, and then it’s up to you to unpack the information and the knowing you were just given.

Dolphins, as a species and as individuals, are making themselves available and will lead us (spiritually) to where the whales “are” all the time.  Dolphins joyfully volunteered and came in specifically for this task.  Their main role here is to assist humanity and to show us how to really enjoy being human. They teach joy, and like all animals, encourage us to stay in the current moment, not in the past or the future, concepts which are totally human. Dolphins, unlike the whales’ group consciousness, are individuals, more similar to humans in that way.  As individuals, they are still very much connected to each other, their dolphin family, to the entire dolphin consciousness, and to all of life.

Dolphin brains are much more complex than ours and they are using more of it to do things we think are impossible. That means they are constantly accessing and slipping in and out of different dimensions, communicating with their other aspects (as do most animal species), and constantly communicating with each other via vocalizations and telepathy.  They have been seen with human eyes appearing out of nowhere to play with humans.  People have been reported interacting with a dolphin while the other humans around them do not ever see the dolphin nor see the human even though they knew the person was there a minute ago.  It’s like dolphins disappear and reappear to our human eyes when what they did was slip through dimensions.  Dolphins carry on a back and forth type of conversation with humans, similar to what humans do when communicating, and so the conversations are a flow of questions and answers, learning and integrating.  

While the dolphins teach us about nonphysical realities, they ask us “to transcend the limitations and to open ourselves to these new possibilities” (Joan Ocean) so we can do what they do.  We are fully capable of doing what they do, they tell us, we have just forgotten how.  “It’s important to allow that multidimensional ability of communicating to be awakened and dance, and for us to have fun with it, because it really is fun!” says Ilizabeth Fortune, dolphin communicator. “As we allow the information to flow in, we become spiritually human.”

What is important for humanity to remember is, they love us unconditionally, no matter what has been done to them or with them over the years.  They hold no unforgiveness or resentments for humankind, dolphins simply love.

Finally, when asked, a message came from the Whales through Penelope Smith, animal communicator for over thirty years, “Love….the Greater….Love”.  They kept saying “Love….the Greater….Love”, says Penelope.  It’s like boom…boom…boom.”  It’s a tone that resonates deep into the earth and through all our bodies. The Whales say, “From the dolphins you learn what love is, from us you learn to love the Greater Love.” 


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