Why Am I Here?

Ever ponder this question?  I have.  Many times.  In fact, this past week, I got right down to the smallest part of that question that has arisen for me, and that is, Why am I in Panama?  Other than I felt so drawn here. Is there a deeper purpose other than my personal evolution for me to be here?  Perhaps not.  Sounds like personal evolution is the only reason.

From a discussion with Eloheim:

Eloheim: What’s your big question you want big answers to?

Michael: Why am I here?

Eloheim: Why are you here? God, that’s an easy one. Really? That’s all you want?

Michael: Yeah. Well, it’ll do to start.

Eloheim: It’ll do to start. That’s so British. It’ll do to start. You’re all here for the same reason. Isn’t that great? You’re here to have the opportunity to physicalize your soul and interact with it in what you refer to as a 3D way.

So you’ve come and a bit of you is Michael and a bit of you is this carpet and a bit of you is this wall and a bit of you is the ceiling and a bit of you is this microphone and a bit of you is this chair and every single thing you see, touch, taste, feel, interact with, know and experience is your soul in the physical reflecting yourself to you. Constantly. You’re constantly walking in an environment that has been created out of bits and pieces of your soul so that you get the beautiful experience of experiencing your soul in a physical way.

This whole world is being created simultaneously by each of you and you get to explore it simultaneously. Isn’t that cool? Why? Infinite and immortal beings have a lot of time on their hands to do cool shit! You guys can build buildings and bridges and you only live 100 years. Imagine what we can do. We’ve had billions of years. When you’ve had billions of years you create cool places like this where people can come and have free will and experience their soul, walk around, and you experience your soul and we experience our souls simultaneously and we think we’re occupying the same physical space and we’re not! And that’s awesome!

So there you are. That’s why you’re here. Walk around and experience your soul in a physical way and to grow and evolve as you do. That’s it. Now are you also here to be a veterinarian or a pharmacist or a banker or whatever? Well that’s just part of the game. That’s not why you’re here. The best thing you can possibly do is be on this planet in the most conscious way possible with the least static and the least baggage and emanate options to other people who believe that they are stuck in the fear-based operating system and running adrenaline 24/7. The best thing you can do is say there’s another way. Not ‘do it another way.’ Just ‘there’s another way.’

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