Cetacean Tele-Summit

I met a woman, Anne Gordon, a few months ago here in Panama.  She leads Whale Watching tours and married the chief of the Emberras many years ago after she met him while working on an animal training job here.  I loved her energy.  So, I thought I’d share her telesummit in case anyone was interested in joining in.  It sounds really interesting!

Are you interested in the Spiritual Wisdom of the Dolphins and Whales? Join us for a free virtual event, August 10-20. Video interviews from 20 of the world’s best Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Teachers, Communicators and Healers. All of them will also be presenting at the Cetacean Summit, Dana Point, Calif. Sept. 18-20. Click the link below to sign up for the free virtual Cetacean TeleSummit. Laurie Reyon Anderson, Linda Shay, David Rosenthal, Joebaby Noonan, Joan Ocean, Mary J. Getten, Madeleine Walker, Muriel Lindsay, Donna Kassewitz, Celeste Eaton, Frederique Pichard, C Scott Taylor, Megan Leupold, Jillian Rutledge, Evelyn Ewalina Dassau, Jack Kassewitz, Speak Dolphin, June Sananjaleen Hughes, Shandalee Poplin and hosted by yours truly, Anne Gordon de Barrigon


2 responses

  1. Hello! I just found this posting on your blog. Thank you so much, I am touched and honored by your sharing our Cetacean TeleSummit with your readers. Feel free to keep in touch and keep up the beautiful postings on this great website.

    Whale and Dolphin Blessings,
    Anne Gordon de Barrigon


    • My pleasure, Anne. Doing one (or more!) of these Cetacean gatherings in person is on my most-wanted list! I dream of being a part of them all the time and the telesummit was awesome and well worth listening to. I learned a lot. Thank you for doing your part to bring people and cetaceans together.


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