Listen To What You Say

Begin to listen to what you say. Don’t say anything that you don’t want to become true for you.

The time between our words and thoughts and manifestations is shrinking in this new energy era according to many sources.  It is beneficial for us to become more aware of what comes out of our mouths or runs through our busy minds so we don’t create what we are not wanting.  I know when I am not paying attention, old habits pop up and I find myself thinking things I certainly don’t wish to create in my world.  And if there is passion and emotion behind the words, those are the ones most likely to manifest.  So the above is a reminder for me to stay aware of my thoughts and words.  

Also remember, anytime you put “I am” in front of anything, you are confirming and commanding your body consciousness that very thing, whether this is what you want or not.  I am sick and tired, I am old, I am pissed off.  Your body hears this and says, okay, must be this is what you want, and so I will give it to you!  This is something I have become very aware of these past few years, the many times I have said or thought words like that.  This is a pain in my neck.  I can’t do this.  I am getting weak.  Pivot, pivot!  Affirm what you want your body to do for you, not what you don’t want…and say it with love and feeling behind it.  

Today I had a few incidents come up here at my place in Panama as I re-settled in that required me to stop the negative thought train running through my head.  I had to do what Eloheim calls a “pivot”.  This meant I needed to change the “crap, I screwed up, this is going to cost me more money, how long is this going to take to fix now?” types of thoughts and words that were pulling me down.  Those thoughts were not helpful at all.  I wasn’t in danger and these issues really weren’t a big deal in the long run.  When I finally caught myself on a particular thought train, I was able to pivot quite quickly, and boom, one situation was resolved immediately with the help of another person, and the other issues, by myself, almost as fast. And all of them cost me nothing or far less than I was fretting about. I felt very satisfied and like I created a great outcome for myself.  

It required some serious attention to what I was saying and thinking today.  I kind of got off track for a bit, to which I attribute not feeling well and being so exhausted from the trip.  Twenty-four hours of traveling with very little sleep did me in, and I ended up with a migraine this time.  However, I didn’t get too far down the negative thought road each time before I caught myself so I’m very happy with that.  Comparing current me to past me, I say, well done, me, you did good.  


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