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SOMETHING BIG IS BREWING: OK we are in need of a serious shake up. Who’s felt extra tired the past two weeks? Needing more sleep than in many months, finding itdifficult to see the light? Sore bodies, headaches and a grumpy attitude? Like you have less energy and are lacking in MOTIVATION? You’re not alone if you feel this way. Sensitives are being swamped and are filtering the crap for everyone. I’ve felt it too and have been monitoring the progress of what is going on energetically…

Whilst on a planetary level the influences I report on each day in The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast DO support us and encourage us to grow and flourish. This hasn’t changed, we are still getting daily opportunities and if your energy is clear and not weighed down by negativity, then you will be on a roll. However, what is hampering progress is the BELT of NEGATIVITY around Earth.

Human made war, murder, mainstream mind numbing, enslaving media, inequality, pain and suffering to animals, other humans and nature…are all outcroppings of the rising negativity people are ‘choosing’ to engage in. And yes we ARE choosing. How? By getting sucked into listening to the ongoing negative mindset on our TV’s and Internet which spills out into your own home and daily conversation. It’s like a spell people are under. Brainwashed by drama. And as you know, the powers that be love it this way, so you can stay feeling inferior and therefore, controlled. Do you really want that?

Are you inferior? NO you are not. You have the full potential of the universe within you and this is what I remind us of every single day of the week on my page, in my work, in The Tip-Off. Yet if you keep buying into unconscious news and doing nothing to act in an empowered way to help us all in your own life, then you will doubt your ability to effect chnage.

How do we change the negativity and shift it to health inducing positivity? We CHOOSE what we watch, listen to, how we speak, who we hang out with, what we give our money to, how we respond and most importantly we start to ACT in a positive way in our own life. Make no mistake, SOMETHING BIG IS BREWING ON EARTH – we are reaching a tipping point

Elizabeth Peru

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