The Key To Self Worth

Marshmallow Message

The Key to Self-Worth

Marshmallow Message

My partner says he has no idea why old souls have such profound self-worth issues.  I’ll tell you why: It’s because for hundreds of years, you’ve been beat up!  Every time you move two steps forward, you’re beat back one – sometimes five.  Then you come into this life expecting what?  Very little. That’s because in the older energy, everything you did was met with resistance.  Everything. Now we are saying that this is changing. 
So spiritually you are going to have to love yourself more, and now is your opportunity to do so because there is a Universe inside of you called cellular structure with trillions of pieces of DNA.  These pieces are starting to react and are becoming ready for your instruction sets to be given. The hand is out, you might say, of your cellular structure, and the cells are saying, “Ok, you’re the boss. What are we going to do?”
Self-worth is a program.  It’s a program!!  It’s information developed from experience, and it’s something that is learned.  You can un-program it!!  All you have to do is tell yourself what you want. 
“Dear Cellular structure,” you might say, “I deserve to be here.  This is my time.  I have things that others want.  This is my time.  I’m important in the scheme of the earth.  I have earned my stripes.  This is my time.  Dear Cellular structure, get rid of inappropriate, emotional issues that keep me from moving forward into my beauty and power.  The power that I speak of is that ability to create compassion and light everywhere I go.”
Your cellular structure will smile, give you the hand that has been waiting, and say, “We are your partner in this co-creation.  Let’s get going.”

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

3 responses

  1. You’re quite welcome. I definitely stopped and repeated those words out loud and with all my heart after I read them. It’s something I needed as well…and still do. I get myself in a good place and then something triggers an undesirable emotion….and I gotta clear again! I’m still processing something from last night….like I wanted to defend my truth from an unexpected source, feeling a bit put down or dismissed. Like my truth is “wrong.” Authority issues going on here. Acch. Only in their eyes is it wrong. I don’t enjoy feeling that way. I really need reprogramming on this issue! I said nothing in return because I felt the door was shut on any more discussion. But I felt zinged. Working my way out of it and these words helped.

    “I deserve to be here. It’s my time. I have something others want. Dear Cellular structure, please get rid of inappropriate emotional issues that are blocking my forward movement.”

    Blessings. I’m glad it helped you as well, Cheryl and gaiacopa!!


  2. I needed this reminder, too! I’ve had a week where I felt like stuff was happening TO me, and had to stop and remember that I can say “NO. This is NOT the way it’s going to be for me…this moment, this year, this lifetime.” Unfortunately, I often wake up the next day and forget to be my own Creator.


  3. Thank you.. that was just the perfect gentle message that I needed. I know I still have unconscious emotional patterns that try to run in me. Sometimes I just want them to transform and move on out. Snap my fingers and go. It’s a refreshing reminder to read that we’ve all been here, doing this for such a long time and that we can gently ask for help in changing old ways, without judgment and with more self love. Co-creation.. yes!


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