Lee Harris friends and enemies

Different souls come together for different reasons. You have a soul family, all of you. A group who you have made karmic agreements with to be incarnate at the same time, to learn from each other, to help each other, to shape each other. Some of your greatest enemies in your life, if you have enemies, and those you find often most difficult, will often be the deepest members of your soul family – the ones you can trust the most to allow you to visit such dark spaces in yourself, to push you into those spaces.

– Lee Harris from, ‘Relationships’

I’ve known for a long time about our soul contracts with “others”, but it’s still challenging sometimes for my human self to feel into the concept of those who drive/drove me the most intensely crazy being my best, most loving buds from my soul family!  My son is a prime example…whew.  I learned a lot from him, he tested me every. single. day. from the time he was about 4 up until he was about 23.  That’s when I realized what I was supposed to be getting from his hard pushing and prodding.  But I still find myself being challenged by others I interact with, some on a regular basis, some in passing.  They bring up issues in me I still haven’t resolved apparently, though I keep trying to “understand” what is going on and find a way to choose a different reaction.  I have faith I can do it though!  I for sure know I certainly chose some really good and loving friends to hand me these experiences!


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