The Process

The First Step 

From Kryon Live Channel, “The Process”


 Get out of survival! “How do I do that, Kryon?” Consider this: “Dear Spirit, I wish to soften my consciousness. When those who would insult me are trying to push my emotional anger buttons, I don’t want the buttons to work anymore. I want to disengage them. I don’t want to react anymore. I want to sit in peace. That is getting out of survival. I am safe in the arms of God—totally and completely safe. I wish to drop the outer shell that is the Human consciousness layer, the one that instantly and only reacts to 3-D, and walk my life differently.” That would be the first step. That’s the first step, dear one. Look in the mirror while you say it.


~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

Recently I have been feeling very sensitive and out of sorts.  Like I just can’t get a handle on nor understand why I am triggered by something.  I have let go of so much, physically and emotionally, is there no end?  After learning and integrating a boatload of understandings in the last ten years or so, I surely should have come to a point where things don’t bother me, right?!  Wrong.

I am still human and still growing.  It’s when I hang onto an emotion or a situation and feel misunderstood that I get bogged down.  The hamster wheel of my mind starts racing, futilely trying to make sense of where I went wrong and how do I fix it and why can’t “they” be more like me or even understand me better?  I am looking outside myself for answers and solutions.  At times it takes me a bit of time, more than I would prefer, to recenter myself.  Then I have to stop beating myself up because I am not instantaneously catching myself before I went offline.  Because it’s me that is off kilter, and it’s me that has produced the circumstance, and it’s me who reacts.  That is not being kind to myself in any way, shape or form.

So it’s only me who can change.  But oh the new energies lately have really amped up my sensitivity to any sort of harshness.  I really want to just avoid things and situations that feel abrasive, unkind, reactive, and not compassionate. Which will keep me secluded in my room!  That hermit in me often just wants to hide.  This past week I was privileged to share a session exchange with an energy worker who has helped me a lot in the past with my energy field.  I helped her with a dream interpretation and in turn, she gave me a short energy session.  It very much confirmed how I was feeling, and helped me to let go and clear out some stuff so I can move forward with more ease.

Here is a bit of it:

Yeah it feels like right now your energy field is very activated with “tender” energy, soft & gentle energy
and this energy feels the harshness around you keenly.

sort of like taking clothing out to dry on the line, pristine white clothing, but the wind is blowing debris, and every little speck shows up…

So asking archangel Michael to gently enclose your energy field…I see the offering of many angels, their soft blue-white feathers crossing over one another to create an enclosed space

also Adama is showing a layer of old energy, just another emotion coming up to be let go of..Other people don’t always see the whole picture of who you really are..

I can see Archangel Michael out there with the laundry on the line, he took a sheet or blanket and shook it out the wind is blowing through it, everything releasing…

all the angels, shaking out the clothes…I see many of them (meaning you are receiving emotional support from many)
and the wind goes from feeling harsh to becoming invigorating, with the angel’s help.

they all seem so happy to be helping

one of your Guides has a last message for now – she shows a string going onward
representing the journey ahead

and there are some points on the thread which show some emotional stuff, healing of emotions that is – yet the string continues on, and is held by the angel. So this shows you’re being guided on your path and essentially, the way is already made for you, with guides, helpers & support the entire way, every inch of the way.

The angel was showing that though more stuff may come up, the end point has already been set…so if you were feeling it’s close, it’s because it’s already happened – your soul is just catching the rest of you up to that point…it’s a kind of grace, where it’s guaranteed and very near, so much so it’s almost here already, does that make sense?

There was more to it, and I was also giving replies but this is the gist of it.  I am going to share her link below in case you would like to explore her offerings.  I came away feeling much lighter.

Erin Mackley is her name and her website is Sun Rising.  She is gentle and I find her work powerful.

Don’t forget my passion is doing dream interpretations and card readings, we also have a room for rent on Airbnb and sell healthy Kangen high pH, antioxidant water machines!  I would absolutely love to help you with any of these things.  🙂


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