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Lately I seem to be more in a state of pulling inward instead of sharing outward on here.  it feels very strange not to want to run here and write about all that I am discovering.  

It feels like my focus has become more inward directed and I seem to need to keep some of the things to myself.  Which is odd because I have always liked to share here and in my Eloheim group, often calling myself a bit of an oversharer. Writing has often helped me to get things out of my head so I can move on faster. Plus I know it always helps someone else!  I have cut back on doing that everywhere, not just here.

Here’s where I’m at: I am recognizing patterns in myself that are not helpful to my growth and have been doing my best to catch them and change them.  Sometimes I catch and change my thoughts and behaviour way after the fact, I admit it, and sometimes I totally miss what I’ve done or said until it’s pointed out.  When I am aware of and change my behavior immediately – before I’ve tripped on down the road of familiar habits and suffering – I feel happy and congratulate myself (in my head if I’m in public lol) – yay Me!  I am finding myself aware more often than not, which is cool.   

I am always reminded of the Abraham Hicks saying, “You cannot get it wrong and you will never get it done.”  it’s an ongoing, moment by moment thing.  And beating myself up for not catching it sooner doesn’t help.  Life is what it is and that’s why we’re here, to experience and evolve.  I have recently found some new teachers who are giving me another perspective on life and some new tools to help me with this process of personal growth.  So much going on inside at this point, some of it not as thoughts but just feelings, that I am stumped as to what to write about and where to begin!  

So now I’ll just update you on my physical life at this time.

Our return date back to our original homes is set for May 25th.  I actually was scheduled to leave on April 6, but I just couldn’t face doing it yet.  I just was not ready to go back, so I changed my ticket.  Then we made a trip to Costa Rican border so I could reset my visa and stay here legally.  You can only stay in the country six months if you aren’t a resident, but you can go over the border, do the paperwork, have your passport stamped, come back in, and voila, you’re good for another six months.  That was an interesting experience and now I feel more comfortable with it so it won’t be such a big deal next time.  It sure is hot there though!  I am used to the cooler temps (70-80’s) of Boquete.  It was so much hotter there, I couldn’t wait to get back to the higher elevations.  Hot hot hot.  Not for me!!  

We stayed over at a B&B just to be safe with the border crossing time frame, as sometimes they make you wait before you can go back through.  This B&B is a bit of an animal rescue place, they had 9 dogs, 3 birds, 3 cats and two little monkeys. We spent quite a bit of time interacting with the birds and monkeys and dogs.  The cats were rather standoffish, as they are wont to be here.  The monkeys were a little like obnoxious twin two-year old boys.  Wrestling, knocking each other over, taking each other’s stuff and generally being rambunctious.  But they were quite entertaining.  I loved the birds, had conversations with them and got to pet one of them on the head through the bars of his cage.  The dogs were great company, very sweet.

We caught a ride with friends to the border and took a bus on the way back.  It all worked out very smoothly for us.  We didn’t wait in line at customs, and found the correct bus easily with very little waiting there either.

Rainy season has begun here in Panama.  We are getting rain showers in the afternoons, but it’s not a regular occurrence yet like it will be soon.  I’m glad, as it has calmed down my allergies that the dry and windy season had kicked up. Things have been pretty brown in the last month and I can see the grass starting to green up again.

Debbie and I are looking forward to getting our water business going when we head back to our respective countries next month.  I know my town and my family sorely needs something like this and I can’t wait to share the health benefits with everyone.  The more research I do, the more I am sold on this water machine.  

Last weekend we had an inquiry on our room rental but never heard back from the client.  However, we are still optimistic on that front.  I can’t wait to have some new friends show up here!  

As for the rest, I have done a few dream interpretations this year and I so love doing them.  I get nothing but great feedback, both from the dream readings and from the card readings.  It is my intention for these to take off because it feels so energizing and nourishing, both for me and others, when I do them.  I have done some advertising and put some things on ebay but so far, it’s slow going for all of our endeavors.  (Thus the inner work going on.)

Our most recent foray into business is based on why we wanted to go in business in the first place and that was a retreat idea.  We finally accepted that we can offer retreats and not have to buy a place to do them.  We can rent out places.  So we have done a bunch of research and talked to folks this last week about holding one at their place and can feel a real sense of excitement about moving forward with this idea.  We have a potential venue, date and a main speaker/channeler who will come when we set it up. This will happen next year around this same time frame so we have some time to fill out the days with other wonderful things to experience besides the channeler.  As soon as we have things figured out and set up, we will open up our event for sign-ups for and deposits.  This means a visit to Panama for some folks!  Yay!

On a new topic, we’ve had a couple of critters wander into the house in the last couple of days.  One was a lizard, about a foot long, running around on the floor. He was very cute, but freaked out, and he ran away somewhere in the house as we tried to scoot him towards the door.  We never found him again.  I hope he found his way out!  Who knows maybe he’s in my closet….  And last night I was sitting in the living room with the door open and a bird flew in towards me.  I jumped and squeaked, he turned and flew back out the door.  Whew, I was very glad for that since I didn’t know how I would get a bird out of the house!  I couldn’t even manage that with an earthbound creature!

Debbie and I continue to scoop up each other’s thoughts, at nearly the same times.  And are still amazed and thrilled every time.

Below was taken on one our walks this past week in Boquete.  Love all the colors in this 8ft. tall hedge!  Boquete is such a beautiful place.



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  1. I think by the time you get back to the Northeast it will be very nice weather and we’ll be more established energetically. April has been a lot of flux. I hope you don’t have to stay up here long. What happens to your Panama house while you’re gone?


    • Exactly Cheryl, it will surely be nice by then lol. Energetically, it’s a dense place where I come from and change is slow there. I have no idea how long I’ll stay, probably just past the 4th of July. My neighbors will watch the house for us and the owner’s brother lives up the road. We will continue to pay the rent even though we aren’t there as we love the place and don’t want to move yet.
      And good news, we got a reservation this morning for the room rental! Broke through the ice! Got the sign I was looking for 🙂


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