Telepathy and The Mind Belt

My roommate and I are catching ourselves simultaneously voicing identical thoughts nearly every day now. You should know that we are very different people who rarely do things the same way, yet when talking, we are continuously coming out with the words the other person had just thought or was beginning to voice.  I used to do this with my daughter all the time (still do when we’re together), and in the past I always seemed to know what the babies in my care wanted or needed, more often than some of the parents knew.  Same with pets. That’s a form of catching their thoughts or pictures or feelings. But what we are doing now is is so detailed in the wording, there is no doubt we are tapping into each others’ thoughts.telepathy

For example, I had what I thought was a brilliant insight last week about tapping into another aspect of mine that lives as a Latino and speaks Spanish.  I would love if she could help me be fluent in Spanish!  Why can’t I do that?  That would be awesome.  A few days later, my roommate spoke about a thought she had about being able to tap into another life where she spoke Spanish.  It stopped me in my tracks, omg she is saying what I had been thinking!!

Yesterday we were enjoying a nice, grilled chicken lunch out and and I said to her after talking about the prices, “At least the chicken is delicious.”  After swallowing, she laughed and said, “I was just going to say the exact same words, only my mouth was full!” 

This is happening all the time now about any subject.  We’ll be in separate rooms and stop in to where the other is to say something and she will say, I was just thinking that!

The beginnings of telepathy?  Cool!  Pretty soon I won’t need to talk!  

But this also reminds me that we are profoundly influenced by others’ thoughts. People think all the time, the air is full of human thoughts so that begs the question, how much of it is our own?  Feeling blue?  Is this truly my sadness or depression?  Maybe not.  Angry?  Let me check.  Because I wasn’t feeling it a minute ago! 

This is also a good reminder to be careful about what we ourselves think, to be mindful about what we send out because it can be influential on someone else.  A couple of years ago, I read about something called The Mind Belt (I can’t find a link to it, may have been Steve Rother) that is surrounding the planet. Thoughts don’t go away, they are energy and energy doesn’t disappear, so thoughts land in the Mind Belt.  The Mind Belt is present for the collective to tap into, consciously or unconsciously, and that explains why the same invention or thought will arise in different places around the globe.  With all those thoughts floating around, make sure it’s what you prefer to have in your head, and that it’s helpful and positive for you to think.  In other words, be choosy about what you put out and what you allow in.

Fascinating trail to consider here.  Is this thought mine?  Do I want it in my head? Is it helpful, truthful, kind?  And when you catch yourself doing what my roommate and I are doing, Laugh!  


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