Living From The Soul’s Perspective

This is why I study with Eloheim and the Council and have done so for six years now.  Simply explained, step by step ways to become more conscious and raise our vibrations, teamed with numerous, specific tools tailored to our needs that help us get out of our own way.

Living From the Soul’s Perspective

~ Living from the soul’s perspective, of course, is only achievable
by Being in the Moment.

~ Being in the Moment is really only achievable
by not having baggage with you in the Moment.

~ Not having baggage in the Moment is only achievable
by becoming conscious of your baggage.

~ Becoming conscious of what’s going on in the moment is only possible
if you’re willing to break habits.

~ Breaking habits is only possible if you’re willing to confront the biology
that says, “Change is too scary.”

~ Confronting the biology is only possible if you have courage.
So it starts with the courage to say, “Life can be different.”

Once you can say that,

then you confront the biology,

you become conscious,

you start seeing where your baggage is,

you release your baggage,

you are in the moment,

And because by then your vibration is so high,

the Moment allows you access to your soul,

to the Akashic Records,

and to a completely different way of living which is:

Being in the body, but living from your soul’s perspective.

~ Eloheim


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