The Aborigines and Lee Carroll

April Issue

Digereedoo PlayersAs you read this, I’ll be again winging my way to still another continent – this time Europe, and Turkey for the first time. Still ringing in my whole body is the amazing experience that about 400 of us had in Uluru, Australia last month. I keep revisiting it, thinking, “Did this really happen?” It’s hard to put into words what it was like to sit under the stars on that final night, while the indigenous Aborigines played and danced for us, preparing for a Kryon channeling.  Here is the free audio page & some photos.

Even if you were there the whole time, you may not know the full story. The Aborigines are private, have their own spirituality, and don’t normally associate with spiritual groups… ever. However, not only did they associate with us, they gave me permission to channel on their land at the base of the most sacred rock on the planet to them (Ayers), and also stayed with us the final night for the entire time!
I have stories to tell wherever I go, but the one I most want to share is the one that happened after the Didgeridoo concert, and the dancing that happened that final night. After the channeling, I went back stage to find that the Elder woman dancer, and the main male dancers (who were also the Didge players) had stayed to listen! (Very unusual). The lead male Aborigine came to me, shook my hand and handed me his personal clap sticks and ceremonial dancing rope. I was stunned! These were not tourist items, but his personal performance items. He was obviously moved, and his gift to me was his way of saying that our group was “okay” in his view.
I mentioned this to an Australian on the way home, and he just looked at me in disbelief and said, “That’s a big deal, mate.”
I think it was, too.
Blessings to all of you! 

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