Innate Knows

Innate Knows
From Kryon Live Channel, “The Innate Revealed”
November 2014 in Portland, OR

Old soul, there are a few things you should understand. Do you find it interesting that Innate knows all about your past lives but you don’t? How is that for an efficient system? Would you like to know more? What energy is it that you have in a past life, which you have earned, that you could use again today? We’ve talked about this. Mining the Akash is done through free choice of consciousness, and talking to your Innate. Muscle testing, tapping, body talk, affirmations, decoding – whatever you can do that circumvents the corporeal logic of the Human brain constitutes work with Innate. You have got to think differently in your reality to fully realize this potential. You are used to quantity, repetition and other linear concepts in order to change things within you. Not anymore.


~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll


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