Eloheim and the Council’s recent teachings have been about seeing the world with a different perspective as we evolve. Since we are all One and all of Creation is interconnected, basically we are all built out of the same stuff. Their words for this concept are, “It’s all me.”  

Carl Sagan once said, “We are made of star stuff.”  Meaning everyone and everything is made of star stuff.  Eloheim and the Council have said the very same thing, using slightly different wording (unfortunately I can’t find that reference at the moment).  The same energy that creates universes, creates us, and our human scientists have found proof of those same building blocks everywhere they look.

So to make their explanation simpler, Eloheim suggested we use the term electrons as an example of the tiniest bit of creation energy.  For homework, they instructed us to spend five minutes a day experiencing everything as electrons and then imagining our essence infusing everything we experience.  Since it’s all me, electrons actually respond to our essence. If in doubt of that statement, check out Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water experiments.  (Of course, sometimes we are unaware that we are giving commands to our electrons!)  Our experience of the electrons moving will be individualized: feel, see, hear, know, however we do it is perfect for us.  Just so we become aware that everything is made up of electrons zipping all around and in us.  It’s amazing to realize that nothing is actually solid, just dense and less dense, the space in between is what makes the difference.  

As proof that this is “all me”, what we term coincidences abound.  You think of someone, you get a text.  You consider getting a cup of coffee and your housemate suggests making coffee.  You are singing a song in your head, turn on the radio and there it is.  These coincidences are endless.  And definitely not coincidences.  We have influence over the way the electrons move.

Several years ago I first experienced this phenomenon of electrons moving while flying across country.  I was staring out the window and realized I was seeing tiny bits of light zipping all over.  Like little tiny fireflies, they were whirling all over my field of vision.  Of course, I had to ask questions to see if anyone could confirm what I was seeing, but I had a pretty good idea what it was.  It was such a cool experience I played with it all the time after that!  I have to change my focus first by looking upwards and softening my vision, then I can move my eyes around and watch the particles sparkling all around me. I even found I could stare at the wall in front of me and see it start to move in a wavy motion.  Looking at cars, they had no definable edges, just wavy silhouettes.  Fun stuff.

Changing my focus shifts how I see things in my world.  And that’s the motivation behind Eloheim’s homework this time. Changing how we see the world.  Nothing is fixed, everything is always in motion.  Our electrons intermingle with every other electron.  So not only can we influence our world with our thoughts and feelings, we can change it.  

Most importantly, with this awareness, we can choose how we change our world.  Do we choose unconsciously or do we carefully tend our thoughts and emotions and words?  

How do you want to influence your electrons today?


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