The Power Of Affirmations

I love Kryon, and this one is so perfect for me right now.  I know these things they speak of, I have known them for ages, and usually, I am very conscious of what I say out loud or even think.  I know my cells are listening and want to give me exactly what I want or say I want.  But I’m still human, and so occasionally I slip and find myself not all that hopeful or positive.  And I have been slipping more than usual these past few days as I watch my money stash get smaller with each bill I pay.  It’s not been fun to be inside my head lately.  So I plan to listen to this Kryon message a LOT.  Because it’s definitely needed.  I want to make sure my innate is hearing what I want it to hear, what I want present in my life so I create only that.  Perfect health, financial abundance, loving family, friends and social circle, and a way to pursue my passions, ie a life I want to live.


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