Accept or Reject

Accept or Reject

From Kryon Live Channel, “The Energy of the Future”
December 2014 in Newport, CA

With free choice, any Human can ignore anything I’m saying and walk out of this room. He can say, “The man in the chair is a fraud. The information is ridiculous; it’s stupid!” At the same time, sitting next to this doubter will be someone who is being miraculously healed this day. That’s the difference. Free choice to accept or reject things around you is the key to honoring your individual consciousness.  

 ~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

I seem to be on a Kryon odyssey right now.  The words are really soothing to my human self lately, and my soul is loving the sweet flow of energies.  I love to listen Lee Carroll’s voice as Kryon speaks, it’s different from Lee’s normal tone.  You can feel the love and the joy Kryon feels for humankind as they talk.  I listened to one of Lee’s personal radio interviews recently and learned things I didn’t know about Lee, ie how most of his family and friends drifted away when, in his 40’s, he came to channel Kryon.  It didn’t fit with their religious beliefs or lifestyles.

I am not consciously channeling, except sometimes when I write and the words just flow out of me without any thought, but I find myself still hesitant to let people know how “different” I am from the “norm”.  Fear of rejection, I guess.  Lots of folks who know me, do know about the path I walk, yet I do not share with most others who I am in an open way.  I wait and see how open they are and what comes out of their mouths first.  

I suppose it’s a bit like coming out of the spiritual closet and I haven’t quite done that yet, either on fb or in person.  Here I do because this is my space you all either were invited into or came into knowing what the focus was.  Very few who know me in person know I write this blog.

Because I am so open-minded, I doesn’t fit in with a lot of the people’s beliefs.  It seems like that has been a life long theme for me though.  I have always been liberal and open to others and ideas.  I’ve always tried to understand their perspective. There are many people I’ve met whose company I enjoy right up until the moment they reveal their rigid opinion on something, or make a racist or mean remark about someone else.  I am always surprised- you wouldn’t think I would be by now- and that particular energy always makes me want to be elsewhere, like NOW.  And I end up very glad I didn’t share my deep core beliefs about the world or life with them.

Life seems very black and white for a lot of people, and I’m over that kind of dualistic thinking.  I am still amazed that people can still truly believe that only those who follow one religion or set of beliefs will “go to heaven” or “be saved.”  Don’t know why that is amazing to me as there are many blatant examples of that mindset.  Yet those I have met often come across as open-minded and gentle, until religion or politics or animal welfare, etc comes up then watch their attitudes shift!

We recently had a set of missionaries come to the door and when I heard, “the end is near”, I bolted lol.  They cannot convince me and I cannot change their beliefs, and I don’t care to get into a discussion with them about it.  But it’s unfathomable to me that people really believe that a.the end is near and b.we’d better join their way of thinking or God is going get all vengeful on us!  Some believe in no reincarnation or other lives or other dimensions or nonphysical beings despite all sorts of stories coming out to the contrary. An innocent remark about reincarnation accidentally ended a recent chat I was having with someone.  Just where do they think all the souls and energy go when the human life is over?? 

Folks like that don’t understand me, and I don’t understand how they can live within the limitations and strictures they put on their lives.  

However, it’s their choice to make so I move on.  And therein lies my reluctance to share myself openly.  It seems pointless and an invitation to be “saved.”  I also have to be ready to let go of all those who don’t share in my beliefs, and I’m not there yet.  I haven’t yet let loose of wanting to keep the good feelings that I have built between me and others so I keep my beliefs to myself for the most part.  Because I know their hearts are loving underneath the rhetoric, I like having them as part of my social circle.  And I guess I don’t want to hear, like what I heard said disparagingly right in my face not too long ago, “I don’t believe in that stuff,” or whatever else someone might come up with to “put me in my place.”

So my free choice is to be choosy about who I share my inner being with and to be friendly with all.  There are so many positive and loving things to delve into when you walk this path.  I was so lonely and unhappy before, I can’t imagine being in that old, tightly confined energy anymore.  But I can love and shake hands with those that are.


2 responses

  1. As usual, somehow you manage to articulate my own experiences and how I currently feel, as if this were my own post! It’s definitely a challenge to be “out there” and I’ve really noticed and been bugged by the duality at my new job (where I see people living their lives in very old energy thinking) and how even the people in a local spiritual group I joined all have different beliefs. It’s tough. (e.g. they always call our creator energy God and turn it into a “He” or “Him”…and I’ve gone beyond that, so now I cringe when I hear it, since I’ve come to accept other terms like Divine Spirit or Infinite Creator). It’s so much easier when the group you participate in are all interested in the same teachings/terms/practices!
    With non-spiritual folks, I find it easier to just be silent and not get upset by their ideas, since I was in their shoes at one time. But yes, it makes it really tough to ‘come out’ and expose our vulnerability…so maybe we need to find creative ways of planting the seeds of change for them, either by distracting them with our light-filled actions or via small suggestions that put the focus on “I” and not “you.” Sort of a reverse psychology trick! (e.g. saying: “I have found that if I focus on how we are all the same, then I am not so bothered by the differences that everybody is debating about.”)

    p.s. – Did you listen to the Feb 7 Kryon message in Austin about personal action? I decided to return to my affirmations practice. It’s helping me feel empowered for all the important aspects this week.


    • Thank you for such a long and thoughtful reply. If we weren’t on a similar vibrational wavelength you wouldn’t be here, so it’s no wonder it resonates with you! 🙂
      Yes I have listened to that Kryon message and find myself doing those affirmations a lot lately.
      When I am triggered by others’ opinions, I have to back up and ask myself, what in me is this bringing up? And go from there. Because it’s all about me or I wouldn’t be triggered. It’s a process of loving myself back to my center, and then I can listen (or not) to their opinions without feeling the need to “correct’ them. And I always recall Eloheim’s analogy of “Traveling to Paris.” We’ll all get there eventually, but their road is different and perhaps longer than mine.


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