Lee Harris

Magnificence Amidst the Chaos

We live in a world that is capable of so much magnificence, and indeed that shows us a great deal of magnificence in amidst the chaos. Focus on the magnificence. Focus on the beauty. Even if you have days where you feel the chaos is leaving you, these layers of conditioning, are leaving your body, leaving your soul, allow them to leave and stay focused. If you are in the grip of a difficult emotion that you cannot see your way out of, just agree today to always remember it’s a journey. It’s a journey and you will move through it.
~~Zachary through Lee, from The Eye of Awareness in ‘Energy Speaks’


My Words Reflect Me

Turn your attention to your throat. See how the energy feels there. Allow it to open.

Allow your throat to be the passage which connects your head and the energy in your head down into your body, your torso. Allow freedom there.

This is a challenging area in the human body. It is a thin part of you, yet it is so powerful. Things can get stuck in the throat when truth is not being spoken.

Many of you are ready for higher levels of truth in your words. And words are not just those you say out loud. The throat is also connected to all of the language you hear inside yourself.

Some of you may now wish to place your left hand over the throat – just to support it in its opening.

Now allow yourself to state inwardly, “I will use my words consciously. My words will not be a shield. Nor will they be a barrier between myself and others. My words will reflect me.”

The words you choose to use are highly important.

People are afraid of words. For a word can reveal so much about a soul.

But a word can also change your life. The way you communicate can redirect your life very quickly.
~~Zapharia through Lee, from Earth Meditation-Abundance in ‘Energy Speaks – Volume Two’


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