Moving Forward

My friend and I have been working on setting up businesses here, making decisions galore and putting things in place.  We have taken our time, being open to ideas that feel right, and now we have two we are implementing, one already in place, and one we haven’t launched yet but will next week, as soon as our internet decides to behave.  

The first business we just fell into, simply due to getting sick three times since we arrived in Panama.  Enough of that, we thought!  We found out that there are parasites in the water here and those of us who are not used to them, get really sick. It’s a real challenge to get rid of them, too, the illness can hang on for weeks through several doses of antibiotics.  The second two times we got sick, we were in Boquete and by that time, had heard about Kangen water machines at the Tuesday Market.  After spending a night very ill, we called the distributors to see if this water would help us like they claimed it would.  Lo and behold, within half an hour of drinking 4 ounces, we felt much better and after a couple more hours and another dose, felt pretty normal.  The 2.5 ph water had killed the bacteria causing the problem.  We have had that experience with the water helping our stomachs more than once including yesterday when Debbie had a flare up of an old stomach issue due to something she ate….gone not long after a dose of 2.5.

So that led us to do a bunch of research on this topic.  We read, talked to people, viewed videos and did our own scientific tests on the water as well as watched in person demos.  We were hearing personal testimonials straight from the horses’ mouths about how it benefited them. We then began drinking Kangen water on a trial basis (free, no obligation at all, no sales pitch either!) after realizing that the water here is not as safe as touted, plus we were buying water anyways.  

Drinking this water has changed a lot of things for both of us.  I don’t hurt all over every morning anymore.  That in itself is freaking wonderful.  I no longer have heartburn.  Hallelujah!  I had been trying to solve that issue for years.  My skin all over looks better, and the alligator skin on my legs is gone.  My friend’s plantar fasciitis is much improved and she also says the dry skin that drove her crazy on her legs is gone.  Amazing stuff.  Simple things to us, but signs that our bodies were not happy.  And to me, the water tastes sweet and smooth.  It doesn’t slosh in my belly after drinking it because it is absorbed so fast.  After our next door neighbor, a Type 1 diabetic got on it, he dropped down 30 units of insulin, is sleeping through the night, and his knees don’t hurt anymore (he’s 75)!  He is so happy about that.

Because of all this, I’ve fallen into a fascinating exploration of the water on our planet.  Technology and pollution have really messed with our water, which I knew, but not how much.  Bottled water and most public water systems are reverse osmosis, which takes out all the good stuff, making it basically “dead” water, chlorinates it, then they add chemicals back in to make it normal ph.  Kangen does not do reverse osmosis.  This machine splits the water into two streams, filters it without removing needed minerals, passes it over 3-7 plates (depending on the machine), charges it and gives you different ph’s, from 2.5 to 11.5.  Each ph has a different practical use, from drinking to cleaning without chemicals.  

Here’s what I love, the water that comes out of the machine does 3 basic things: it increases your ph, making it virtually impossible for disease to take root, or it decreases, stops the progression or deletes other diseases; it makes the highest antioxidant liquid ever found, which is how your body ages (oxidation= rust, decomposition); it makes the water microclustered, which helps it go right into your cells for immediate use.

The company is called Enagic and has been in Japan for 40 years and is all over the world.  It’s not a water filter company, it is a certified medical device in Japan and is used in the hospitals because it kills bacteria in seconds, promoting wellness both on the inside and the outside.  Mindboggling to me, but proven, is that it kills mrsa – in the US doctors cut off limbs to stop it, in Japan, they bathe people in the 2.5 ph water and push drinking it to heal the infection!  And the doctor who invented colonoscopies puts his patients on a regime of Kangen water (usually 9.5 ph).  It’s definitely good stuff.  The company is all over the world, too, which is very cool so anyone can get a machine if they want one.

This next part really impressed me, an acidic body is a sick body (cancer is a sign of an acidic body).  When you are born, you are alkaline, when you die, you are acidic.  Disease cannot live in a highly alkaline body.  And that is what Kangen water does, changes your body from acidic to alkaline.

As you can tell, I am really excited to find something so simple that promotes wellness (raising your alkalinity/ph) and can’t wait to introduce it to my family and friends.  I know so many just in my old hometown who could benefit.  Our town water is so bad.  It tastes terrible and leaves a coating on your skin and hair. Wellness has been something I’ve researched for years and this fits right in with my journey; I have worked many years on my inner wellness, now this showed up for my physical wellness.  No chemicals and a natural way to be healthy. It feels like a good fit for us as a business.

And that’s all I will say about this topic unless someone wants to know more. Please email us if you think this is as interesting as I do and want to discuss it some more.  🙂

Our second business will be with airbnb.  We have one more step to take before we can list our extra room but everything else is ready.  I can’t wait to meet some new friends that way!  Our listing on airbnb will be called Casa de Mis Amigas in Boquete, Panama if you want to come for a visit!

Debbie and I are excited to move forward.  It’s time.

Interesting times ahead!


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