Enjoy the ride

message from my higher self
I love you.
don’t you ever forget it.
don’t you ever lose sight of it.
it is ever present 
in every cell.
your existence doesn’t need excuses
or apologies.
you are.
that is all.
let loose of the self criticism.
let loose of imagined conversations.
let loose of should haves,
could haves,
and why did I’s.
that accomplishes nothing
start here,
start now.
pull back into your center
and love the being you are.
the being you are.
for the being you are
is whole and perfect
and learning as you grow.
you will change.
it is inevitable.
but you can’t change 
in the meantime,
while you live
and evolve,
all is well.
the steps you take now
are the steps you intended,
the steps you need.
you may not understand
or like them,
but they are here for you.
you know what you need,
you know what your intentions are,
don’t beat yourself up for them.
even if others don’t understand
or misinterpret your motives.
being human is often a challenge,
a challenge your soul relishes.
take the pressure off to be perfect,
it’s not possible in your human eyes.
enjoy your ride on planet earth.

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