On Losing Something or Someone

Quado Message: 

Every week, I share a Quado message with the members of i-am-this.com.  Today, I wish to share today’s message with all of you, because you are kind enough to help me in my grief over Oscar, and I think you will understand how important this message is to me right now.

Message from Quado through Carrie Hart after she lost a beloved pet:

“Life is not what you expect.  Sometimes it surprises in wondrous ways, sometimes in ways that seem quite disappointing.  And sometimes, of course, the passage of time takes away those dear to us while it also brings in new hearts to love.

“But no matter what happens, no matter how your heart sometimes aches, have the courage to continue to love, to care deeply about what truly matters to you, to commit yourself to your dreams.  Have the courage to open your heart and let it be vulnerable, let it ache with caring.  Let yourself love.  Love yourself, love your life, love your home, your pets, your friends and family. 

“Even when your heart is breaking, you can know that you had the courage to love deeply.  And this matters.  Every tear shed out of love goes deeply into the heart of the universe and multiplies over and over the store of love for us all.”



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