Perfect timing…yesterday an old injury has resurfaced for me, seemingly out of the blue.  I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary to aggravate it.  I’ve been working on it steadily, physically and emotionally, as well as telling my body it’s time to let this go, etc.  Going to use Zachary’s advice and do some rephrasing.

Sometimes if you are wanting to release a person, or a situation but there are three or four reasons why you cannot, or it does not feel supported to do so in this moment, many of you can get very frustrated. And you forget your magic. You forget the part of you that can simply say aloud, “I wish to release this.” You surrender the way it will be done to the universe. But you tell the universe you are ready to release your struggle and the universe and you will create a way at the speed you are ready.

~~Zachary through Lee, from A Self Love Journey


One response

  1. Dorothy, thank you for this great reminder.
    This is EXACTLY what I needed to read right now.
    I’ve been working on releasing a really difficult relationship that has felt sticky. Nice to go to bed last night and picture it just lifting off of me… hello universe, help with orchestration please…
    Hoping your back is healing up too!


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