Busy Nights

I will go for weeks with nary a dream I can remember.  Then, like these past several days, I will dream up a storm.  And I literally feel like I dream and talk to myself all night long.  It’s a long, intense night of socializing or something lol.

One of last night’s scenes involved my husband.  I paid him a surprise visit only to find him participating in a yard sale and he was selling all the new shirts I had bought him for Christmas (no, I didn’t really).  I remember standing there, waiting for him to notice me, with my arms across my chest and really annoyed he was selling something he had asked me for (he’s very picky about his shirts), things that I took the trouble to buy for him.  He saw me and started over my way, wondering why I was there, then veered back to take care of something at the table.  There was also a woman sitting at another table near him, I’m pretty sure he and she were an item, and she told him, don’t worry about it, she’ll get over it. Yeah, that bugged me too.  I felt dismissed.  I took his hand and tugged him away to talk to him. That’s all I remember of that.

So, now here is something else coming up for review in me.  Have I really let go completely of that relationship or what it brings up in me?  I thought I had because he rarely crosses my mind lately.  He is/was a fact in my life, but not something I think about.  Sometimes I forget I was even tied to him.   Which is weird because we were together for a very long time.  I shouldn’t say “was tied to him” because neither of us has filed for divorce yet.  At this point, I don’t feel like dealing with that legal stuff and it’s just paperwork to me.  In time, I’m sure it will happen.  But according to the dream, there is an aspect of me that is still resentful of his not appreciating all the time and effort I put into keeping him happy, and she’s come forward for some TLC.  Whew, lots to process here.

And this bit of dream is only one snippet of my busy sleep, there were many for me to process!  I need to go write them down, I think, before I forget them all.

I think the message below explains why the nights have been so chatty lately! How has your sleep been?


From Elizabeth Peru

THE NEXT BIG ENERGY SHIFT HAS HAPPENED – Just prior to the weekend it began, the second wave after the major one on New Year. Did you feel a little anxious, down or hyped up from late last week and over the weekend? Did you experience headaches, muscle stiffness, fatigue or maybe extra energy?

A HUGE wave of light has just come in (thanks in big part to Jupiter, the Sun and Earth all being in direct alignment). We got a booster shot of expansion energy. We were pushed to be our true big selves on this planet. Not everyone wants to play big. Many wish to play down their inner wealth and not shine it forward on Earth (for many reasons). Can you relate?

Next 24 hours – we are assimilating this extra light and starting to feel clearer. We are revving up to make major life changes starting this week.

MORE TO COME New Humans ❤

Read all about the energy of today (in depth) in my Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast (the globe’s favourite energy forecast)


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