Sunday Morning Message

I woke with an interesting dream this morning.  During those first few moments rising consciousness, I was given a short list of how to live my new life. Unfortunately, I can only remember the last few words, I hope the others pop back into my memory.  The list was short and simple.   Here is what I heard……..something…something, volunteer, LIVE, BE.

The preceding part of my dream involved me deciding I was done and was leaving my body in two days.  I have no idea how.  I had informed my daughter. Then as I moved away and thought about it some more, I realized, I was not done.  I still had things I wanted to do.  I really didn’t want to go yet.  So I changed my mind.  I was not ready to leave.  And that’s when I heard those words.

Many times in recent years, I have wondered what do I do with the rest of my life, it seems like a lot of time left to fill (I am quite healthy).  It felt like I had pretty much covered the spectrum of things to do in a life, so why am I here?  Guess I was given an answer!

Volunteer.  LIVE.  BE.  

Experience myself as the awake, aware, conscious, living embodiment of my spirit on this planet.  And share that with others freely.

This is a gift not everyone is ready to experience yet.

What a way to wake up on a Sunday morning.


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