Understanding The Movement of Your Personal Energy

The other day I had someone remark somewhat disparagingly on my energy level. Yes, it bothered me, ie triggered me for a bit.  I heard, “you’re lazy,” which is something I have told myself over the years until recently.  I have come to understand now that what others call lazy is simply a way of labeling my way of doing things that are different from theirs.  I forgot that for a few moments after her remark.

Last year I found Carol Tuttle.  She studied energy movement and discovered four different energy types, subsequently founding the Dressing Your Truth® business she now has.  She began as, and still is, a spiritual teacher who wanted to help women (and children and men) be their best selves and to understand themselves better.  I watched every video and read everything I could on the four energy types, fascinated with her simple explanations of how energy moves and works in each person.  

First of all, she says we are all a mixture of four main energy types but that we exhibit one main one, which we came in with from day one. Two of these energy types are extroverts and two of them are introverts.  The introvert takes stuff in first, processes and then moves outwardly.  The extroverts do the opposite, put out first, then after feedback tend to make changes based on that.  

All four types are important.  

  • Type One has a lot of ideas and excitement
  • Type Two gathers information about ideas
  • Type Three jumps in and does the ideas
  • Type Four takes in all the information from the rest and refines the process, then moves

The description of my energy type, Type Four, was like a lightbulb coming on for me.  I sit back, watch, process, and then act, frequently finding ways to improve what is going on (at least in my head!).  When something new comes in, I have to let it in slowly and always have.  And when I do act, I do it all in one fell swoop and in an organized manner.  For instance, I will clean my entire house and do all the chores in a two-three hour span.  Then I’m done.  And it looks great.  If I decide to do something, I want to do it NOW because the decision means I have done all the pre-organizing and processing.  Once my mind is made up, it’s a challenge for me to wait for others to catch up.  And I will find the simplest, fastest, most efficient way to do things since I don’t enjoy wasting my energy or time.  I used to call it lazy, now I know it’s efficient and organized and preferable for me.

The tricky part is that I prefer to do most of the items on my to-do list without an audience, so people don’t see me doing everything I do.  Once I’ve completed them, I retreat back into my quiet, low energy mode.  And that’s what others see. And tend to judge.  My husband did not know all the things I did until I left.  He was dumbfounded and said so to me later.  I do a lot of things that most people have no idea I do.   

When I’m not moving, my mind is, and that’s a good time for me to write or research or meditate or play quiet games.  I am not a fan of exercising for exercises’ sake, bo-o-ring!  I have to have a “real” reason to be in active mode and a fun reason to boot if it involves exercise. If it’s not fun, I am not doing it.  Plus, I have spinal issues and if it hurts, well, I am not a fan of pain.  And that’s the way it is.

Then there’s the part of me that is saying, you ran around like crazy for twenty-five years, trying to keep up with everything, make everybody happy, and work full time.  It’s time for a change.  I am over it!  That part of my life is over.  I drove myself nuts and I refuse to do that anymore.  I have been enjoying not having a schedule nor rules to follow for the last few months.

I am a quiet person with a quiet energy most of the time. And I finally like and accept me just as I am.  Type Ones and Type Threes typically don’t understand the low-energy way of being, and if they are not walking a conscious path or aware of the differences, they can judge us harshly, especially Type Threes.  However, I freely admit that on my part, those high energy type people can wear me right out after a while!  While it’s definitely not my choice nor my way of being, it helps that I do understand them a lot better than I used to.

I’m not them, they are not me.  No comparing me to you, only me to me.

What I learned from Carol was extremely valuable to my quiet, inner self.  As Carol says, “It’s just my nature.”  And I choose to honor it.


4 responses

  1. Yep! Totally relate! I’m so under the radar that sometimes I wish, after people meet me, that they’d be given a movie of my life condensed into 10 minutes to show them everything I’ve done/accomplished/overcome, and then they wouldn’t be so harsh about what they think I am at this stage in my life.


    • I agree Cheryl!! I used to believe I was shallow and had nothing to offer based on comparing myself to others who were so outwardly busy and successful. Then during a reading, several actually, it was explained to me just how deep I went. Some people are wide and some are deep. The deep ones just don’t show very visibly.


  2. wow found this interesting ! I do belive we are born a certain energy. My older brother was like me…..calm and pure with ourselves….no crowds for us. we both had to learn to be ok with it.
    thanks for sharing this


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