Right now, it is “high season” in Panama, and Boquete is packed with tourists. The annual flower festival is going on and there’s little room to park, the stores are busy, the streets are a challenge and the Tuesday Market is wall to wall people. There are so many faces I don’t recognize around town right now.  As a result, there’s no hanging around anymore, I do my business, chat with a few friends, and leave.  IMG_1424

Still, I get up and marvel at what I am blessed with here, the greenery, the mountains, the blue skies, and all the lovely people who live in this area, whether they be folks who have migrated or are home grown.  I marvel that it’s January and I am not wearing long johns 24/7 and piling on winter gear just to keep my body temperature from plummeting.  I love that I don’t worry about the heat bill. Or about A/C, for that matter, as the wind does a lovely job of cooling off things.  

This weekend we have our first guest arriving, a friend from Taboga (an expat living in Panama), and I am looking forward to that.  I have been shopping, cleaning and rearranging, but not in any great hurry to finish any of it.

I feel quite relaxed and I guess the Panamanian “mañana” is infecting me. Tomorrow is always another day to get stuff done.



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