I got a sweet confirmation today that how I feel in my energy comes across to others the same way.  I walked into a place that does tours to ask them about getting one to the ocean and there I met a young Panamanian couple, Pat and Victoria.  Actually I walked in out of the sunlight and couldn’t see much but I did catch them smooching.  They pulled back and I laughed and said, I saw that!  They laughed too, and we got to talking and then they asked me where I was from.

Hmmm where AM I from?? I told them I was living there. They asked a second time and I answered upstate NY. They were astounded and said I didn’t feel like a NYer. That my energy was calm (they actually said “energy”), and they waved their hands around trying to describe it. I told them well, that is why I am not in NY anymore! And I have been following a spiritual path for fifteen years so that’s probably what they can feel. They went YES! That’s it! We had a mutual love affair going on for a while as we chatted. 

They own the place (it’s very nice) and said to me, just like most everyone else does here, if you ever need anything, stop in and we’ll see what we can do. Sweet, precious people.

They told me that Mel Gibson once came to Boquete and wouldn’t let any brown skinned people take him on tours or be around him.  Say what??  Apparently the white tour operators refused him service as well after that.  Wow.  The people here in this country are such good hearted, loving people (minus a few, just like anywhere) that yes, I was amazed that that had happened here, and in this current time, with someone from a developed country, in the people business he was in.

Then customers came in so I said bye and left them to work.

I walked out of there feeling really good about myself today.  It’s nice to know that my emanation is saying what I feel and want it to say!


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