Wisdom Writings

And this we will say to Dorothy. For our Dear Dorothy, treat these times with the reverence both of (Debbie and I?) you so dearly deserve. For now, view yourself in a mirror and send yourself reverent love daily. Dance in the light of the day as a morning practice and then begin the day with your list of to do’s.

We urge a special selection process in the discovering of your truest purpose in Panama. In this process, we urge you to be in a great space of energy. Allow your heart to feel its fullest and then Dear One, find a musical instrument of some kind: a drum, a flute, a rattle. Then play it with no purpose other than to feel good, to get immersed in the feeling good. In the afterglow of all those good vibrations, write dear Dorothy. Write, write, write. Listen to the wisdom of the writing. We will fill you with many ideas. We will send you many connections.

We are with you now and always, and we have heard your desires. Dear One, be at peace this day. Be at peace in all days and surrender the quandary of what to do. Allow a great expression of your heart to come forth, and will it take a new trust…..indeed. We say you are ready. Open your heart Dear One. Watch a community begin to form and shape around you. Then you will know. Then you won’t need to know. Then the ideas will be rampant, as will the tug and pull of your heart and soul. Enjoy dear brave, beautiful one. Enjoy.

janet’s note: Often I get visual imagery as well as clarification on ambiguous sentences while the message is “downloading”. I wanted to share one in particular with you. In the last paragraph, when they talk about a community forming around you, I saw both an online community and a physical community in Panama………though it wasn’t clear if they were connected or whole unto themselves. This is one of the most “specific/action oriented” writings I have ever received…….I love that you asked for a writing and I hope the wisdom of the words seep into your soul bringing forth  that special flavor of energy called “Dorothy” 🙂

Wisdom Writings
…and the Walls Came Crumbling Down   (<here is the post where I requested the message)


Communities of Light, yeah!  And I love to write so I am very pleased to know I have helpers with that.  I recently made a request for them to come into my consciousness and help me be a better writer and communicator so this was confirmation of being heard.  I’m still waiting for the instrument to come to my attention, which should be interesting as I have never played anything except for banging on piano keys as a kid.  LOL  People may want earplugs after one comes to me…  🙂

Yesterday I did a past life meditation and for the first time, I saw a life as a thin man hunched over a desk, scratching his writings at night by the light of a candle. It was what he did in his free time his whole life, it was his passion.  He had to work to live but writing is what he felt compelled to do and so he hurried home every night to pick up his pen. Didn’t look like he cared much about eating!  I don’t know what he wrote, but I felt such a connection to that life.  His shoulders became very rounded and at that this point in this current life, I am conscious of that beginning to happen so I have been taking steps to change that trajectory.  

Speaking of that, I need to get up and move!  Later!



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  1. I love the sneak peaks into your unfolding journey. Wonderful sharing!
    I just decorated a rattle that was given to me by a woman who makes and sells them (she’s a beautiful soul and part of my Shamanic Journey group). I will post photos of what I did to it to make it mine in the next few days. I played the newly decorated rattle on the solstice and whew… the change in how I decorated the rattle changed how I moved my body and my connection to the entire releasing and bringing in ceremony we did! I’m curious to hear about what you will choose! I’m looking into getting a drum next. And I’m so inspired by decorating that I am going to start making tribal hair clips to wear during ceremony or just.. whenever the moment strikes.


    • And the vision of community forming… loving that!
      And the man hunched over, writing… wow! what a fabulous connection to your deep desire to write in this lifetime. Really fascinating.
      I love the idea of ‘Wisdom Writings’ too. Great insight in a short amount of time.


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