Creating Communities of Light

Last week I received a delightful message which came through a friend and fellow blogger.  She shared that I would be building a community around me, both online and in person.  She wasn’t sure if it meant they would be connected or separate entities, but makes me smile big at that thought, however it works out.  (If you are okay with me sharing who gave the message and what it said in its entirety, I would be glad to share both here, J.)

What reminded me of this was the angel message I was just reading:

The next phase of our life on earth is to create and form centers of light that honor one and all. These communities begin where three or more are gathered. Together you feel the alignment of the heart, which, with pure intention, creates a unified field that both amplifies and harmonizes the field in the context of individual expression.    

You will find your rightful place in partnership and co-creation, and come to know these light centers and / or communities by the following: 

  • Open-heartedness 
  • Non-judgment 
  • Transparency 
  • Authenticity 
  • Harmony 
  • Earnestness 
  • Clarity of purpose 
  • Purity of heart 
  • Clear Intention
  • Action matches intention 


This is supposed to come to fruition in the next year or two according to the message, and is exactly what I have dreamed about for years. Two similar messages in a few days is no coincidence.  I have no idea how I’ll get there but it’s stuck deep within, this desire to have a community of like-minded, open-hearted, non-judgmental, authentic, kind souls who share their talents with others. This is the heart-centered feeling I bask in at the Eloheim retreats, the wonderful sense of non-ego and love that permeates the community of conscious beings that the teachings attract.  I want to create that, not around me, but around me. Does that make sense?  It fills me with such joy to imagine living within that feeling full-time and being able to share that feeling with others.

As I go through this holiday season for the first time on my own, I am finding I am not alone.  My desire for community has been manifested in the physical.  I have had so many invitations, I had to turn one down and add on to another one.  I have more things to do than I ever did living in the place I did for the past 28 years.  Is it me or is it the place, or is it both?   I don’t know.  Seems like I did a massive amount of changing in my old environment yet I didn’t have this kind of stuff happening, before or after.   Whatever the reason, life has become quite interesting!

I really am energized to see what I bring to me next.  Seeing as how we are all creators of our world, and being a conscious creator is even better than an unconscious one, I plan to create only the highest good.

Word of caution and amusement though.  Today I went into town to pick up a few things, one of them being eggs.  Now, they sell eggs here by the egg so you can buy as few as you wish.  I really only wanted six since I am the only one eating them right now and I said that out loud.  But I didn’t feel like picking out six and moving them to another container so paid for the whole dozen.  When I got home, the dozen didn’t fit in the space where we keep them so I proceeded to move six of them over into the smaller carton and was going to put the other six in the second one. When I moved the first six over and let go of the box, I watched it tip over in slow motion and go splat!  Six eggs on the floor.  Shit. I had dumped six eggs.  I knew immediately what a great creator I am – the universe said, okay, you only wanted six, here you go!  

So watch what comes out of your mouth, it’s happening fast these days!


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    • I have heard this same thing from so many of us on this path, from different parts of the world. They used to have those healing centers in Lemuria and other civilizations, it’s time for them to be offered again for the mainstream.
      I would love to meet you, meeting like-minded souls is such a blessing!

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    • Cool! Thank you! I’ll do it in a separate post. I agree that your Wisdom Writings are inspirational and so helpful. It hasn’t left my thoughts and I am still letting the instrument find me, so far I have not run across any. At least any that have caught my attention.


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