The Initiated Soul: Energy Update 2015

A brief synopsis of Matt’s latest update:

Most of us are going through a tumultuous 2014.  We’re clearing and completing so many earth-bound soul contracts. Everything we think, say, and do is resolving a contract to lighten the load of the collective and is on purpose of the highest authority.  

You are put into the exact situations to inspire the deepest surrender.  We’ve been going through incubation.  How much can I sustain myself on very little we wonder?  When life is trying to evict us out of our old paradigm, it cranks up the heat.  Very little energy, very little motivation, very little abundance, very little validation, very little communication, very little relationships.  Incubation is, how much you can survive on very little? 

You will find that, as long as what you are drawn towards is something you are excited about it, as long as it supports your ongoing evolution, it will come to you quickly in 2015.  If what you want isn’t coming, it must be a distraction.  

Our new role is bringing forth this new energy is the journey of initiation.  2015, for a lot of us, is the year of deep initiation.  It’s a journey of initiation into 5th dimensional consciousness.  It’s where your need to understand, to keep straight or remember what you think you’ve learned, is surrendered for the opportunity to simply live as incarnated expressions of divine faith.  

Every step forward into 2015 and beyond is only how much more faith will you have.  Faith does not come about as a result of understanding, faith arises in the absence of understanding.  It’s saying, my highest wisdom comes to me, I don’t go to it.  You will learn to awaken and refine your inner guidance and intuition.  To do that, trust that every single thing that comes to you as an inspiration is the highest word of God and you act upon it with no delay.  In the beginning it may not be the highest wisdom of God, but act on it to refine your channel.

You’re turning to face the light of your highest truth.

I surrender to my knowing and I step into my faith.

In 2015 you no longer have to wait for the rest of the world  to wake up before you shine and prosper.

Matt Kahn


This is my new mantra, it needs to be tattooed on me and cross stitched and put on my wall as a reminder when I falter:

I surrender to my knowing and I step into my faith.



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