Red Sands

Last night’s dream was enlightening.  I was in a small apartment, apparently moving in and my roommate was a slightly older woman.  She was rearranging furniture and talking about buying stuff.  I said to her, “So we’re staying here?” She said yes.  I said, “But I don’t have an income, only Panamanians can get jobs here.”  She was all confident and reassuring, and I had a sudden knowing that I would be fine, there was no need to worry.

Next scene I was shopping as if at an indoor flea market.  It was me and another woman and a younger girl running around nearby and we were done, and so, loaded down with a bunch of bags, we decided to walk out to the car.  As we got to the doors, I noticed the dirt was all red outside.  We said, wow, is that red sand? And, I want some!  I was trying to think of a container I could put some in to keep. The red sand went on as far as I could see and there was a drop off at some point.  We began to walk out in it and suddenly the little girl who was out ahead of us sank down screaming, into the sand and out of sight.  The other lady was freaking out.  I reached down with my hand and foot, thinking I could feel for her and bring her up, but I couldn’t find her.  I knew kids had died, suffocated in sand, and so I woke up with my heart pounding, wondering why the sand was so bright red and why the little girl went under.

The first part is obvious to me, my older self came to tell me not to worry, I will be provided for, and to keep my faith.

The second part I had to go looking to see what resonated because seeing the little girl disappear under the sand was disturbing.  I knew the color red was about passion and excitement.  It’s an indication of raw energy, force, vigor, aggression, power, courage, impulsiveness and passion.  Sand is a symbol of time and of infinite possibility.

After mulling it over, I see the little girl as a young me and the red sands as infinite possibilities of excitement and passionate pursuits.   Do I just jump in?  Or will I suffocate myself with all the possibilities?  Do I try to contain my little one’s excitement and impulsiveness?  Yes, of that, I am sure, as that’s my typical modus operandi.  Maybe that’s not the best action.  The rest, unanswered questions.  I do tend to hold back for a long while before doing things, maybe this is telling me to leap.  After all, my older self tells me all is well.

This is a dream that requires allowing it to sit within me to percolate without overthinking.  Very interesting dream symbols, though.  The things my soul comes up with in my dreams to give me messages just amaze me!


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