December Quiet

Good Morning!  My friend has left on her journey back to Canada for a Christmas visit, leaving me here to man the fort.  She has come to know that she needs to make her intentions clear, so her journey this month is to clear family issues.

Mine is to be alone and work on myself, completely alone.  It’s a weird feeling, yet welcome.  I have not been alone for years, truly alone, all day long.  I have always worked and spent my off time alone while having a family, this time I have no job and very few friends here, so it’s all up to me what goes on for the next month.  However, it is strange not to have somebody, not even a pet, around me and knowing that a living being is part of my space.

We shall see how it goes.  There are still things I need to do inside myself, a process which involves looking at, forgiving, loving and truly letting go of what has come up recently.  There is progress to be made.

It should be eye-opening to see how this much alone time will affect me. My neighbors all have offered their company and help should I want or need it so I am not totally bereft of company.  But I will have plenty of time for self-care and integration.

One of the things I want to explore is a deeper connection with spirit so I can feel more comfortable channeling in my writings.  And I am incredibly drawn to Eric Pearl’s method of energy work called the Reconnection.  I can feel the energy in my hands when I work on my friend, and she can feel what I’m doing.  I really am fascinated to see where this goes.

So that’s my plan for the month.  Instead of focusing on holiday crazy, it will be a quiet, learning time for me.  I hope you all have a lovely month, whatever you are doing.


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