Trust Your Intuition

It is essential to deeply trust your intuition in order to receive messages worth trusting. Otherwise, any form of doubt can bring forth guidance worth doubting. If you find yourself doubting your intuition or unable to trust the information that comes to you, you can allow each moment of uncertainty to help you surrender to love. This means taking the time to embrace the one who doubts equal to the one who trusts. Once the doubting aspect of self is loved as unconditionally, as the trusting aspect of self, you begin to attract infinite flowing wisdom, synchronicities, prosperity, and inspirations of the highest order. Even if you’re unsure how to trust the signs that appear, there is a cosmic rule of thumb that can help you align with the most inspired heart-centered choices in existence: “When it’s a yes, nothing can stop you. When you’re unsure – it’s always a no.”  Matt Kahn


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