New Friends

Every time I sign on here lately, WordPress has messed with settings!  It’s a bit disorienting lol.  I wander around looking for the buttons they moved….   O_o


So last night we had a small dinner party with a lady name Anne Gordon and our past B&B host, Penny.  Anne runs a Whale Watching Tour and an Embera Indian Tour here in Panama that are both based out of Panama City.  She came to Panama years ago as an animal trainer in a movie and stayed.  She has a degree in biology and was a zoologist as well.  She almost didn’t come, was tired and wanting a break at the time, and like me, Panama was never on her radar.  She ended up intrigued enough about the movie and the country and signed on.  And fell in love, with the people and the country.  She actually ended up married to the chief of the Emberas – he asked her out (in his language, no English).  What an interesting life she has led.  Anne also leads Spirit Walks and Wisdom Retreats and follows a spiritual path.  Fascinating.

Penny from the B&B introduced us and brought her along to the dinner we had invited our host to as a thank you for putting us up so generously last month while we searched for housing.  Our B&B host claims to not be spiritual at all, thinks it’s all bunk, so for us to end up with Anne as our guest through her is amazing.  We had extended the invitation to our host last week, but when we found out that Anne decided to stay an extra day at the B&B, we invited Anne to come as well.  We knew nothing about her at the time.  It was not planned but definitely felt arranged by more than our human selves.  

She gave us some great ideas about what we want to do and shared some cool information about vortexes around here and the community of spiritual folks we are interested in.  (By spiritual, we don’t mean organized religion.)  We feel encouraged by meeting her, and her tours are now definitely on my list.  I have always wanted to do a Whale Watching Tour and her retreat also sounds awesome. She is very in touch with nature and I loved her whole vibe.  It felt like meeting a member of the family.  

We thoroughly enjoyed the evening and the discussion and hope we get to visit with her again soon!  And next week, our massage friend is coming for dinner and an evening of who knows what!  Life is getting really interesting.  I love meeting all these new people and doing all these new things.  Even riding the buses or taxis are fun experiences people watching and trying to decipher the conversations! 

Embera Village Tours and Whale Watching




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  1. I love reading about your new adventures Dorothy. So cool that your physical circle of friends is expanding to incorporate MORE people on a similar path… wider and wider the circle grows. I love this for you!!!


    • Thanks! I would love more of those adventures Emily, once or twice a week is not enough! Slowly slowly lol. Impatience does not serve anyone, I know. I’m glad you like me mixing up my stuff with the other things I post. Next week is another Independence celebration, should be noisy around here lol. The kids are already drumming all day, practicing.


      • I hear ya. I joined a Meetup group in order to create more conscious connections around here. It turned into a couple of groups… and began becoming a once or twice a week thing. Recently it quieted down and my friend who runs group took half of them off of the list. I am very much missing having community like that! I am intending on taking my business out of the house once or twice per week to go do designing at a local cafe, people watch and just be in a receptive place, merging business with… who knows?? Adventure. sort of. lol.

        I love the idea of hearing the kids practicing drumming.. knowing celebration and life is happening all around you! I was watching a Youtube this morning by Adyashanti on being alone. I haven’t finished it but it was interesting to look at how I sometimes feel lonely.. and other times I am able to simply hear things and see people around me while being in my alone-ness without needing to ‘merge’ with others to know I’m not alone. Sensations like the lively ones there would be fun to hear around me. You have a lot of lively things going on, on that island!


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