Awareness and Fear

Energy awareness and an awareness of the greater perspective of life spiritually help all with fear. If you recognize that fear will be a part of your life and you accept that sometimes fear will come in and out, it no longer becomes this frightening enemy. It becomes something you are expecting to happen. And then from that place, you will start to empower yourself to find tools and ways to deal with it.

You live in a grid of people where fear is a dominant emotion. So it does not take long for you to have that fear move into you when you are talking to somebody who is carrying the seeds of fear, or worse than that, the great example of fear in their life.

This is why all of you have to be diligent around how do I feel fear? What is fear when it is in me? How does it show up in my life and how do I move it? And then second to that, recognize how you are invited to fear all of the time by others around you, certain television programs or films, certain music even is designed to make you feel unsettled. This is subtle and it goes on everywhere. But you see, love cannot amplify without an absence of fear. Everyone needs to focus on working with their fear as much as they work on amplifying their love, then they will really get somewhere.

None of you need to fear “fear” itself. It does exist on this planet and it is a strong force. So if you can first agree to acknowledge that and recognize it, it will not be this shadowy monster that shows up when you are not expecting it. It will be this energy that you recognize you have to learn to master. Just as a child recognizes it has to learn to walk. ~~The Z’s through Lee, from A Conversation with The Z’s in ‘Energy Speaks – Volume Two


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